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Korean Models

SNSD. 2PM. SHINee. Wonder Girls.

Just some of the picture perfect Korean artists who have been quite the rage around the world; and that includes Singapore. However, K-pop fanatics have reason to be excited. These idols are the embodiment of perfection: from their porcelain skin to their slim lengthy legs, sleek dance moves to million dollar smiles; it really is easy to fall in love with them.

However, K-pop isn’t the only uprising trend from Korea. Its fast growing fashion industry, led by brands such as Kaal E. Suktae and Fleamadonna, have also been garnering much attention and a cult following. The land of the morning calm seems determined to shake things up a bit, and attention is now on the faces of these trends—their models.

ActuallyMAG had the pleasure of meeting 2 such male models: Ryu Kyung-Won and Cho Han-Bit who are 22 and 24 years old respectively. We had a quick chat with the towering hunks (all of them standing at an average of 188-189cm) to uncover their hidden talents and love for food.

How long have you been modeling?

Ryu: 3 years.

Cho: I’ve been modeling for a little longer—4 years to be exact.

Do you model full-time or on a part-time basis?

R: I’m a full time model.

C: Yeah, full time.

Cool and poised, watch how Ryu works that hoodie with no effort and all badassery.

Why do you enjoy modeling?

R: I get to meet a lot of different individuals, and I enjoy building relationships with them. I love having the opportunity to try on beautiful pieces by amazing designers. Also, I love the rush of ecstasy whenever I get on the runway.

C: I like the appreciative looks I get from people while modeling. It brings me a sense of happiness. Being able to wear a lot of cool stuff is a plus as well.

Between S/S and A/W, which is the busier period?

R: A/W.

C: A/W, definitely.

What do you do apart from modeling?

C: I’m actually studying history. My dream is to become a historian someday.

R: I work closely with my photographers to further develop our abilities together.

How much time do you spend on the catwalk as compared to photoshoots?

R: It’s hard to compare because it really is on an ad hoc basis. When it’s the peak season for shows, there’ll be more catwalks; and when it’s off-peak, there’ll be more photoshoots.

C: During the start of a season, there’ll be a lot of runway shows. After the initial runway shows, more commercial advertising work such as magazine photoshoots will follow.

I'm starting to feel inferior already. Thanks a lot, Cho.

Aside from modeling, do you take on any other commercial work?

C: Yes, I do print and TV ads.

R: I do print and TV ads too.

If not for modeling, where do you see yourself?

R: I enjoy acting so I would want to be an actor if not for modeling.

C: My answer would be the same as Ryu.

What does your usual diet consist of?

R: Believe it or not, I eat a lot. I’m not a picky eater; I can eat almost anything. I love food!!!!!

C: I love food! I eat a lot. But when the situation calls for it, I try to abstain from food – especially before shows and shoots. That’s not exactly very healthy though…

Do you face any pressure as a model?

R: I’ve never faced much pressure being a model, except for that one time when it was my debut show. I have so much fun with doing what I do.

C: Not at all. Every moment is a joyful and enjoyable one. “No effort to defeat the efforts of genius who could not beat a man who enjoys thinks. Carpe Diem Enjoy a horse today!” [T/L note: language preserved for authencity of interview]

– Toke

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