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Keeping Your Cool Under Serious Heat

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to calm down over the smallest things–a disagreement with a friend or colleague; things not going your way; running out of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Minis that you had to travel 30 kilometres to buy only for your brother to gorge on them without telling you… Anything is fair game, really.


The point of the matter is, it is a downward spiral the moment we lose our composure in any occasion. We start to feel periodically worse until we eventually resort to self-loathing and thinking, “Why don’t I just have my own fridge in my room to keep my own darn chocolates?” or something to that nature. Then you would probably start feeling like the worst human being on the planet.


I believe that the main problem of not being able to calm down is simply because we are in a state of panic. When we are panicked, we are unable to think straight and so we bombard ourselves with a million thoughts: What do I do? Where do I start? How do I fix this? I’m going to have to buy more Reese’s. And also, anxiety, who never fails to remind us that it exists.


I’ve been there too, countless of times, despite my attempts to avoid it. But, it’s a constant thing in our lives and the only thing we can do is get through it together. So, let me help you out by telling you some things I do when I feel a little more tensed up than normal.


Breathe slower

Photo by Thanh Tran on Unsplash

It not only serves as a great distraction from the stress, it also helps in regaining your focus. Similar to meditations and the like, the point of this is to clear your mind. Try breathing slowly and be aware of your breathing. The moment you realise that you are breathing too fast, and slow it down yourself is when you have gotten a hold back into reality.


Listen to some Jazz

I have not heard of a single person who hates Jazz with a passion. It is either you love it, or you are on neutral terms–Never negative. As for what kind of jazz, it is entirely up to you. Pull up some oldies like Nat King Cole or Frank Sinatra. Feeling a little saxy? Turn your ears to Kenny G. You could even groove it up to the original soundtrack of the movie, “Whiplash”. No matter what your taste, Jazz will take you to a completely new world and freshen you right up for the real one.


Take a nice, warm bath

Photo by Karla Alexander on Unsplash

Baths are amazing. Spoil yourself: take a bath, take your time and come out feeling refreshed. What more is there to say? Just try it.


Talk and Listen

Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

Lastly, you should just talk. It does not have to be about what you are stressed about too, mind you. You can talk about absolutely anything at all. The idea is to normalise the problem so try talking to someone who you think can relate. They are sure to have some nuggets of knowledge to share with you so also make sure to listen to what they have to say. A little bit of counselling can go a long way to stabilising your mind.


In a nutshell, the most important thing is to find resolution. Whatever it is that is haunting your thoughts is doing so because you have something unresolved. There is no running away from it so, the best way is to find a solution, when you have a clear mind, and it will all be smooth sailing from there.


Even in Singapore’s hottest temperatures, always remember to keep your cool.

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