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Jenny Pong Seow Ching | A Woman’s Perseverance


Our society today tends to have a natural tendency to be unappreciative with what they have.

Little do they know, there are people out there who have to overcome major challenges every single day in performing the simplest tasks such as taking a shower. Today, we would like to tell you a short and inspiring story about Jenny Pong Seow Chin, who persevere and stays positive about her life despite her disabilities.


Jenny Pong Seow is a double leg amputee, who has been lying on a makeshift trolley for the last 26 years.  Tragedy has struck her over and over again but she still remains optimistic and see the world in a positive light. You can read more about her here:



Jenny is planning on a trip to Singapore with her family to have a customized wheelchair made for her so she can move around freely. Her trip will be from the 8 to 13 September. Right now, eHomemakers is asking for you to do your part in helping them in raise donations for Jenny’s trip and the wheelchair. Any form of donation either in cash or any kind is welcome. Receipts will be issued by eHomemakers for cash donations to ensure proper accounting.


For more info about the organization and Jenny Pong:




*Images are courtesy of The Advocacy project



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