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Aire | Regional Band feature of the month


Connecting to people through emotive music was all the reason for members of Thailand’s five piece instrumental rock band, aire, to create a band together. Crossing paths at each other’s shows in Bangkok while they were in different bands, the members of aire took a rewarding opportunity to play together one evening. Discovering their musical talents complimented each other fittingly, aire began composing songs and performing as a band since 2012, touring Thailand and Japan.

We interviewed their bassist, Van, to get an insight on the band.


Introduce your band and the music you make.

We’re a five piece band that, while drawing on a variety of influences, likes to simply describe its music as “instrumental rock”.  Our musical backgrounds bring in a range of elements but as a band all we want to do is perform emotive music and connect to people.


Aire’s band members consist of Japanese & Thai nationalities. How did you guys meet?

We all met going to one another’s shows while we were in different bands and looking to play here in Bangkok.  We all respected one another as musicians and once the opportunity arose to play together we took it.




Your latest single “Sanagito” is very beautifully crafted.  How did the track come about?

“Sanagito” was the first song we really sat down and wrote as the band we are now, meaning not only was it the first song that involved all the members but it was the first song we wrote when it started to become apparent to us what it meant to be “aire”.  It was the first song that really just grew out of us playing off one another and allowing the song to grow out of our communication as a band.


Instrumental Rock is generally a tough genre for some to appreciate, as the lack or no vocals make the music less enticing. How do you guys get the audience to give their full attention at your live shows?

Playing live is our absolute passion.  We want every live show to be as affecting to our audience as possible but we believe that to do that we ourselves have to be moved by what we’re doing.  When we play live we just let the music take over and hope that the audience can connect to that.

If anything, playing instrumental music is more conducive to this because there aren’t any lyrics to dictate what is going on, people can feel whatever they feel from the songs and for someone to be caught by a melody or a musical movement, it’s a very intimate thing that in a way creates a deeper bond to what is happening.  We play music because it provides us a space to place our emotions and hopefully it can provide that for people watching us as well.


With the band’s new found fame, how does it feel like to be part of the alternative/underground music scene in Thailand?

We’re definitely far from anything resembling fame, especially in the music scene in Thailand, which is full of exciting acts right now.  Thailand’s scene has always been an interesting place to play music because of so many reasons but where it is challenging, it is also very rewarding.  The scene here is really maturing from where it was a few years ago and even to receive the level of acceptance we have now has been a great feeling.



Having toured around Thailand and Japan, how different would you describe the reception of the crowd to your band’s music in both countries?

While the scene in Japan may have been around for decades now and brought about so many inspiring bands, and the people there are definitely more musically savvy, playing there and here in Thailand isn’t majorly different.  People going to shows anywhere want to see a band giving their all on stage and putting on an honest performance and that’s really all we can do when we play.  Playing in both countries we found that if we gave a show our all, the reception would be in kind.


Our annual Baybeats festival is known to introduce Singapore to the best and upcoming bands from around the region. Would we be seeing Aire’s debut in Singapore anytime soon?

We absolutely want to play Baybeats! We’ve been wanting to play in Singapore, which we know has a great independent music scene and really great acts, since we started out.  We will be trying to do a proper tour as soon as possible, all help is welcome!


Alright, last question! Describe Aire in 3 words.

Music. Music. Music.



You can check out more of aire’s music here: https://www.facebook.com/aire.bkk



Text & Interview by: Erin Riduan
*Images courtesy of Ginn Taro of aire

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