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Interview with Samuel Wong of Evenodd


One thing that was always made clear in spring and summer collections is the power play of colors. With Evenodd, we are looking at a paradigm shift in the Singaporean fashion scene. Tailored, classic, with a touch of bold perfectly describes Evenodd’s Spring/Summer ’13 Collection. Veering from typical spring and summer trends, this deviant child showcases a line of statement-making geometric prints and a juxtaposition of fabric, using only muted colors, which made a major presence on the runway and put the brand at the forefront of fashion. ActuallyMag speaks with the brainchild of Evenodd, Samuel Wong, as he dishes on his inspirations and fashion muses.



How would you describe your personal style?

I don’t think I have a distinct style. Rather, I dress according to the event. When attending events, I usually wear Evenodd with labels such as H&M or even something I bought from a thrift store. My favorite brands are Evenodd (of course), Mash Up, H&M, Alexander Wang and Raf Simmons. I especially adore Raf Simmons because like myself, he is a self-taught designer and understands what looks good on men.



You mentioned you are a self-taught designer. Tell us more about this.

I like to reinterpret details I see on the runway, into my own designs. With the help of a seamstress I knew since I was a child, I made garments from ideas that were conceptualized in my head and wore them to parties and events. What kicked off my career in Fashion design was when I worked with a business partner as a stylist. What many people do not know, is that all designers, including Karl Largerfield, work with a stylist in creating their designs – It is one thing to be able to craft a piece of clothing and another to be able to put together a look that is visually appealing. The name “Evenodd” is actually a representation of an “even design”, in other words, crafted with extremely good design techniques contrast against an “odd” or unique way of styling.



What inspired your S/S’13 collection?

Every season of Evenodd is a continuation of the previous collection and every season, I would employ different techniques and details on my designs. It’s a little tricky for menswear because we have to keep the designs as minimalistic as possible. It is not all the time that men would like to wear garments that look too ostentatious. The most prominent feature of this collection is its geometric prints, which was something I worked at for a long time with a business partner. Prints are a big hit this season, thus, I decided to use these prints in my current collection after buying over the rights from him.





Anyone who has followed your designs from the beginning would know that black, white and blue are the three colors most commonly used in your designs. How does sticking to such a strict color palette enable you to design a variation of garments for the different seasons?

These colors represent the Evenodd aesthetic and I believe that it is more important to constantly create things that represent my style instead of designing to fit the typical fashion prototype. However, in response to the demand for more “wearable items”, I launched a White Label last year. As opposed to the Black Label, the White Label better adapts and shapes itself to the different styles and preferences of the regular man since it offers clothing in more colors and prints. My vision of Evenodd has always been to make it a brand name, which caters to everyone and not just people interested in cult/experimental fashion.



What can we look forward to in your next collection?

The original Evenodd fans would be happy to hear that I will be going back to basics with simplicity achieved through the complexity of design, using the colors, black, white and blue, much like my very first collection. To take a spin on things, I will be also using laser cutting on my designs so that’s something to look out for!




Text by: Amadea Choo
Images courtesy of: Samuel Wong





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