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Interview with Hanli, MTV’s Newest VJ

Introducing MTV’s newest VJ, Hanli!
This dark-haired beauty is all about adventure and up for anything that sounds fun. Born and raised in Singapore, Hanli caught the attention of the producers during the auditions of MTV’s search for a new host, with her fresh face and winning smile. Despite her busy schedule, she managed to squeeze in an interview with us!




Hi Hanli! How has life changed since you are an MTV VJ now?

Life is busier, that’s for sure! Everything I’ve been doing with MTV is all new and exciting. I’m always learning new things about what goes on behind the scenes and it’s so fascinating. The recent Laneway Festival was the first time I was backstage and seeing the chaos of how a festival was run was interesting. Plus I got to interview a few bands! It was my first interview ever. I talked with The Divine Fits, Kimbra and Real Estate.

Also I’ve been interviewed by various press members. This is all new to me, it’s not only been a wonderful learning experience being on both sides of the camera, but everyone has been very welcoming and helping me ease into each interaction.




How did it struck you when you realized you are a public figure now?

It was quite surreal to begin with, but I feel so grateful that I have this platform. We’ve all daydreamed when we were children what it would be like, and so to experience it first-hand now is crazy awesome!

I had a message from a fan the other day and it was the first message that I ever received and it was really touching to hear some feedback from the people I try to reach out to. It was a very sweet message from a girl from Malaysia, telling me how she wants to be on MTV one day and asking me for tips on how to make it and what to do to get her dream.  It made me realize the potential of what one can do with a platform like MTV, so I told her never to give up if it’s her dream.




Recently, you interviewed the band and artists at Laneway Festival 2013. How did that go?

It was amazing! I was a little nervous because it was my first interview ever, but all the bands I met and talked to were super down to earth and friendly. I feel their personalities complimented the indie genre, and their music was incredibly cool and real.

Their fashion sense was really interesting and alternative too. Policia’s lead singer had this one piece romper with a fascinating water painted psychedelic design. It was a great learning experience and given that it’s my first, I’ll never forget it.

It was really intriguing to be behind the scenes of such a major festival. Kimbra was amazing and truly blew me away with her stage presence. We met after her performance for an interview. She was incredibly down to earth, rather shy at times and yet on stage she was so powerful!




Name a band/artist you are looking forward to meet and interview in future?

I feel it would be amazing to meet the pop icons of this generation. People like Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj are making such a social influence so I think that would be a real dream to meet them. Specifically, I think interviewing Adele would be something truly amazing. She is a beacon of talent and wholesomeness. I’ve been a fan of hers since her first single and her voice and lyrics are just incredibly relatable and powerful. She is someone whom I feel will last forever in the world of music. Her style is so elegant and she’s always incredibly down to earth when in public. It would be more than a dream to meet her… it would be a genuine honour!







Can you tell us more about the real Hanli Hoefer?

The real Hanli Hoefer is a simple kid! I love hanging with my girlfriends and being silly. I’m always up for a good time and trying something new. I’m passionately curious about a lot of things and I’m always trying to keep myself busy with outdoor activities or sketching. I can be very spontaneous and I consider myself adventurous. I feel sometimes, I can be a little sassy but all in good faith. I’m a very positive person and I really believe that these are our golden years to live a young amazing life!




What are your favourite hangout places in Singapore?

I like going to Arab Street. The vibe is so laid back and chilled out. I’d rather go to a bar and see a live band than a club! I love nature so honestly anywhere that is breezy, green and outdoors is where I like to hang out!




If you have a guest from overseas visiting Singapore for 1 day, where will you bring them to?

I would want them to experience both the new and old charms of Singapore, and with happy stomachs. I would probably take them around the Singapore River, and show them the sights and historic structures. We would eat at a hawker and they would drink many Tiger beers, and hopefully end the night with our famous Singapore chilli crabs at the seaside.




Alright last question,
If Hanli Hoefer could be a famous celebrity for a day, who will it be?

Probably Victoria Beckham, because she would have the most amazing wardrobe and I wouldn’t mind waking up next to her hubby…well, one can dream right? Hehe. I also wouldn’t mind being in Lena Dunham’s shoes for a day. She’s an incredibly insightful and funny writer and it would be interesting to see how her mind works and where she finds her humour and inspiration from. Plus the girl just won a bunch of awards for her HBO show Girls which is one of my favourites too. She must be on cloud nine right now!




Catch VJ Hanli on The MTV Show on MTV SEA premiering 20 April at 10am(WIB), 11am(SIN/HK/PHIL) & 12pm(MAL). Follow her on www.facebook.com/mtvvjhanli

Text by: ActuallyMAG Team
Images by: MTV Asia/Eliza Phua







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