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Interview with Diela Maharanie

Painter, Illustrator and a Dreamer.
Meet Diela Maharanie, our issue 20 cover artwork artist.
Hailing from Jakarta Indonesia, Diela Maharanie’s quirky drawings of crazy color splashes and pattern madness spells psychedelic fun! Without hesitation, we STALK her and immediately got hooked to her updates on Instagram!


Hi Diela! Tell us a little about yourself.

Hello I’m Diela Maharanie, I’m 28 years old, born and lived in Jakarta. I’m currently working as an illustrator in a retail company and I’m have married to Prasajadi, who is also an illustrator and comic artist. Together, we live in a small house where we create a world of our own.


When did you first start drawing illustrations?

I started to do illustrations when I was 22. By the time I started to learn to draw again, it’s a bit too late.


All your illustrations have a lot of animation figures, is this is your signature art  ?

I would say my work is filled with radiant and wild coloration combinations, trippy maked-up and sometimes costumed and/or masked people and bewildered and animals – usually put against hallucinogenic posteriority.


What is the inspiration behind your illustrations?

My inspiration mostly come from books that I read and the music that I listen to.


Do you create other forms of art besides illustrations?

Yes, sometimes I make embroidery and clay figurines.


What is a typical illustration process like for you? What type of mediums do you use? (i.e watercolour, pen, colour pencils etc)

Mostly I work digitally, using photoshop and pen tablet, but when I want to do doodle, I use watercolor or markers.


Do you  like to create illustration with computer software?

Yes, I do, I worked using Adobe Photoshop.


How long does it take for you to complete an illustration?

Mostly like an hour or two, but sometimes it could take quite a long time, like a week.


Do other visual artists or even people influence your work?

I do get influenced by some artists, I love Moebius a lot.


Do you have any advice for young and inspiring artists/illustrators?

Mmm.. if you want to be an illustrator, being persistence in what you do is the key to lead you to being successful.

You can check our her artworks here:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bloodykirka
Website: http://www.dielamaharanie.com/



– Erin Riduan





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