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Interview with Diane Pernet | A Shaded View on Fashion

Launched in 2005, “A Shaded View on Fashion (ASVOF)” is currently one of the most influential fashion blogs in the world is run by Diane Pernet, an international style icon. She also organizes “A Shaded View on Fashion Film (ASVOFF)”, a film festival which concentrates on the themes of fashion, style and beauty. Diane works not only as a fashion journalist, but also as a designer, photographer and filmmaker, always capturing and conveying fashion across in her own distinctive way. We managed to catch a moment with this mysterious icon and have asked her to tell us about herself.



Could you tell us about your background and how you started ASVOF?

It depends how far we want to go back. My degree is in filmmaking and I also took courses in fashion before launching my own brand in NYC, which I had for 13 years. When I moved to Paris, things changed a bit. Clearly, I’m pretty obsessed with cinema, but if you asked the people closest to me, they’d all probably say I was most obsessed with being eternally ‘switched on’ so that I can capture, document, edit and – if I wish – share whatever or whoever inspires me… be that film, fashion, art or anything else for that matter. I guess I’d have to admit that sharing my “shaded view” on the creative universe around me is probably borderline obsessive. I’m curating non-stop all year long for my annual festival, ASVOFF, and I’m constantly keeping my blog ASVOF updated. I’m not saying that I’m necessarily super meticulous about every aspect of my work all the time. I guess that’s why I was so attracted to the looser format of the blog so early on. But I’m probably guilty of having an obsessive streak.



When I moved to Paris 21 years ago, my first job was as a costume designer for Amos Gitae’s Golem l’espirit d’exile. Then I was the assistant to the producer of CBC, Fashion Files, then fashion editor for Joyce Ma. After that, an editor for Elle.com and then Vogue.fr, and I also had something called Diane’s Diaries on Disciple Film. After 5 years of working with Disciple Films, a friend, Anina.net, asked me if I wanted to try something called lifeblogging with a Nokia phone. In February 2005 I started ASVOF. With lifeblogging technology, I could instantaneously broadcast the people, places and scenes that push fashion forward – and sometimes over the edge. Capturing stills, clips and commentary on my mobile phone as well as on digital and video formats, ASVOF makes real-time coverage possible from both the fashion epicenters and the fringe. I cover everything from international catwalks, black-tie galas, indulgent parties, eccentric exhibitions, colorful personalities, rude dance floors, future design stars, fashion authorities, front row faces and far-flug places.

Basically I wanted to cover whatever interested me with gritty diary-style entries and arresting visuals to animate the blog devoted to an indispensable and decidedly shaded view on fashion. I stopped using lifeblogging in 2007 and till now I use my FLIP for the videos or my digital camera for the stills. Now we have facebook and twitter, so lifeblogging is a thing of the past.



What is the most important thing to run ASOVF?

Blogs are like little monsters – you have to feed them everyday. The more interactive, the better. I cannot be everywhere at the same time so I have a wonderful group of contributors from around the world that also keep feeding the blog. It’s been much too long with the same look so look forward to a new face…for the blog in the not too distant future. These things always take far longer than expected so …. TBC.



There are so many fresh news and designers’ information on ASVOF – how do you find about those things?

I travel a lot, I meet a lot of people and people send me their work which I filter through and cover those that I think are interesting to me and therefore would appeal to Shaded Viewers.



You are traveling all the time – what is your favorite city?

Honestly, Tokyo. I love the energy, the refinement, the grace, the way people love to have fun with fashion and of course, I love the food and the people.



What do you think about Japanese fashion?

I like the sensitivity to details. It is often very subtle and poetic.



Are there any young Japanese brands you are watching right now in particular?

Always Undercover, COMME des GARÇONS, Junya Watanabe and Visvim. But for the newer collections: I like Akiko Murata’s lingerie line, Ma dishabille. Ohta is a sweet sensitive collection for men and women, Balmung designed by Hachi, Eatable of Many Orders, Suzuki Takayuki, mame designed byMaiko Kurogouchi, Takashi Nishiyama, Mikio Sakabe…



You’ve been running ASVOFF. Which fashion filmmakers do you follow?

There are so many: Elisha Smith-Leverock, Mike Figgis, Wing Shya, Steven Meisel, Bryan Adams, Takahiro Kimura, Inez VanLamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin, Jason Last & Jaime Rubiano, Katherina Jebb, Vincent Gaglisotro, Joe Lally, Suze Q and Leo Siboni, Lernert & Sander, Eric Weidt, Justin Anderson, Lucrecia Martel….I could keep going on.



Please pick up three favorite films that you have seen recently.

I Want Muscle by Elisha Smith-Leverock, MUTA by Lucrecia Martel for Miu Miu, and We Can Find Beautiful Things Without Consciousness for COMME des GARÇONS Parfum by Katherina Jebb



Are there any web magazines or blogs that you can recommend to our readers?

I like NOWNESSAnOtherThe Business of Fashion (BoF), StyleBubble, and many others that I land on by following links. I spend so much time filling my own site that I don’t habitually go anywhere but BoF. I follow links.



Diane Pernet is one of the most prominent fashion curators, journalists and bloggers. In the 1980’s, she worked as a fashion designer. In 2005, she started “A Shaded View on Fashion”. This is a hugely popular fashion blog, in which she edits and posts fashion and art-related information from her own distinct point of view. After carrying out the film festival “YOU WEAR IT WELL” in 2006, she founded “A Shaded View on Fashion Film” in 2008. Since then, she has been curating fashion films at museums, art fairs, fashion weeks from all around the world.




– (Source: fashionpost.jp)




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