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Interview with Cast of The Penis Society



The Penis Society is a dramatized talk-show triple-logue theatre debating and enlightening on the current male culture in Singapore. The illustrious world of Singaporean men using their genitals to ruin their career and lives is presented in this drop dead funny and wicked satire. Featuring 3 gentlemen with razor sharp tongues and toxic-acidic wits, the drama confronts the reality of desire and fragility of one’s mind. An original new work by Singaporean playwright, Goh Boon Teck.

Last week, we had an opportunity to ‘talk cock’ with the leading men of TPS.


ryd-wilson-premRyd, Wilson & Prem


Hi Cast of TPS! 1 more week to show, how is everyone feeling?

Ryd: Pretty much looking forward to the main event. Excited to display our prowess, and hopefully everyone will enjoy it as much as we did.

Wilson: Really great and excited! We can’t wait to show everyone what we have in store for all of you!

Prem: The BIG show eh? Well, I guess, I’m feeling quite stiff. (Heh heh!) One could also say that I’m throbbing with excitement. With weeks to go, there’s a lot of pent-up frustration towards waiting for the premiere. I just wish it was today so that I can finally have that climatic release on stage that comes from all the preparation. (Ok, I’m officially not allowed to answer any more interview questions utilizing cheap trick phallic innuendos)



What are the challenges each of you face, individually, to get into character?

R: I think it is easy to get judgemental when it comes to sensitive plays like this. To understand men and the things they do isn’t easy, especially when that moment of relief inflicted harm and pain to others. You get angry and question the things they do. The process of this play made me more accepting of men’s behavior and occasionally I question my integrity towards those around me, and I hope I’m a good person in the eyes of those who mattered.

W: As with any role it really is about understanding the characters we play. Rather than thinking of it as challenges it’s more of exploring and just having fun!

P: I’m so very lucky to have as my fellow cast members, Wilson and Ryd, who are very talented and experienced actors to help me through this process, as I’m still pretty wet behind the ears on the acting scene. Working closely with our visionary director, Pat, we’ve slowly unlocked some of the deeper themes and narratives that the text casts a light on.



With such a controversial title for your play, what can the audience expect from the show?

R: Expectations are normally derailed, but if I can offer an ‘expectation’, then the audience can look forward to a night where conversations behind closed doors become juicy topics. Watch us banter on all things sexy and ‘gungho’.

W: Laughs definitely, but also allowing yourselves to get immersed in the world of men. You will definitely see a very real, truthful and honest side to the “penis society”

P: Laughs, plenty of laughs but also importantly, there is something truthfully vulnerable and accessible about what we will be saying on stage. You’ll be entertained but also, hopefully, moved by what we have to say about the condition of men in Singapore society.


Do you think Singaporeans are generally sensitive to the word “Penis”?

R: I think singaporeans don’t use that word enough. Once in a while, out of pleasure, we should just say, “Don’t talk penis la!” instead of the usual ‘cock’.

W: I personally don’t think so, I feel that people in general not only Singaporeans just prefer not to use that word. There are hundreds of words around for Penis and we just opt to refer to it by other names.

P: Yes, just like the penis, most Singaporeans are sensitive. Hah! Sorry, couldn’t resist!

It’s funny how we find the word penis funny. I mean it really is just another organ, albeit, a very fun organ to have but it’s just flesh, nerves and blood.  It is shameful that there’s so much shame associated with our penises and the word. It’s an interesting philosophical conundrum; we celebrate killing and violence through our movies and pop culture, but sex which is a necessary and vital condition to the survival of the human species is associated with shame and not talked about in polite civil conversation. I say let’s talk about it! Let’s bring it front-and-centre.



Give us a reason why we should not miss the show.

R: If you fall under the category of “I have, or I want, or I need” a penis, then what are you waiting for. Big things like this doesn’t come quite as often.

W: The show is one of a kind. It may be a comedy but there are also very real truths and we talk about things you won’t hear anywhere else.

P: If you have a Penis or if you know anyone who has one, you’ll learn interesting new ways to use one.



Be sure to catch The Penis Society and be enlighten on the current male culture in Singapore!
This is a performance not to be missed!


Ticket Price (Excluding Booking Fee)
Standard – S$26
At the door – S$31

Available at EventClique & SISTIC.



Text by: Erin Riduan
*Images courtesy of Toy Factory Singapore




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