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Ingrid Michaelson | Live in Singapore


Greg Laswell and Ingrid Michaelson have one thing in common: they’re both entertainers, in every sense of the word. Weaving jokes and self-deprecating humour between their musical numbers and bantering freely with the audience, it’s no wonder they’re husband and wife. After Greg’s opening performance, Ingrid sauntered onto stage flanked by two backup performers. We got a taste of her charming idiosyncratic nature when she let the audience know she was wearing shorts and not a really short dress, “just in case”.

Ingrid Michaelson, as most might already know, is an American songstress famous for her flair at creating dulcet melodies of happiness and heartache. Her songs have received significant airplay on popular T.V shows like Grey’s Anatomy, 90210, The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars, to name a few. Her songs have immortalised many poignant scenes in the minds of many – who can forget that heart wrenching scene where Meredith cuts Cristina out of her wedding dress with Keep Breathing playing in the background?

Ingrid was an absolute joy to watch on stage. Alternating between the piano and her ukulele, she kick-started her first ever gig in Singapore with a track called This is War from her new album, Human Again. Throughout the 2 hour show, she serenaded the audience with old and new tracks, some covers and an aww-inducing duet with Greg Laswell. What I really liked about Ingrid was how she treated the audience like friends she was having a conversation with – there was never a dull moment as she told us stories of how some songs were conceived, joked with us about how she used to hate The Way I Am because she was going through a rough time, and told us how she’d “put in a good word” with Bon Iver for us if she ever meets him (after performing a beautiful cover of Skinny Love). Blood Brothers was inspired by her experiences as a commuter in NYC – she had both good and bad experiences including a nasty run-in with some high school girls, and a warm and fuzzy incident with a fellow commuter. She even re-enacted the scenes animatedly, keeping the audience in high spirits.



I guess all Ingrid fans will always love her depressing love songs – I particularly enjoyed her performances of Corner of Your Heart (Grey’s Anatomy memories again!) and The Chain – but it’s nice to see Ingrid in a happy place now. She even jokingly made fun of her new song, Ghost, commenting on how overly sappy it was. Sarcasm, wit, and humour – she could have done a stand-up comedy act effortlessly!

One of the highlights was a jingle she invented (with a little help from the audience) that goes something like this: “Dance, dance, Singapore / Get your booty on the floor / Just kidding, don’t get up / But put some liquor in a cup / Only if you’re over 18 / Drink it up, live the dream / But if you’re a little kid / Don’t tell momma what you did!”

Lastly, Ingrid said that if there was one thing to take away from the concert, it had to be this: “when arguing with a significant other, hold a spoon of peanut butter in your hand and it’ll be too cute for you to carry on fighting”. That’s one nugget of wisdom from the lovely Ingrid we’ll have to take away.


Kelly Koo


(Photographs, courtesy of Jonathan Kwa)


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