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I Have A Passion: Chirashi Bomb

Si Hui is an illustrator and a founder of Chirashi Bomb. She has a passion for illustrating. Currently on her accidental gap year, as she missed out in the submission of her polytechnic semester results for her university application, she made use of this time to illustrate under the alias Chirashi Bomb.


Ever since she first held a pencil, Si Hui has been drawing. As a kid, she would watch a lot of cartoons and be inspired to draw what she saw on TV. She would also sketch out her stuff toys and create imaginary stories about them. Her mother used to reward her with colouring books for completing assessment books and join her in colouring them.


“When I visited my dad working in China, there was once he brought me to an art gallery full of vibrant coloured paintings and a pond full of hungry koi fish. I think that was the first time I experienced such awe while immersing myself in art and found myself hungry to make my own art. Maybe hungrier than the koi fish.”



Growing up, she always had the thought of becoming an artist but did not know how to and questioned if it was a practical future career. However, things changed when she was in her second year in polytechnic, as she began writing articles about local artists and entrepreneurs. After hearing their stories, it really inspired and spurred up her courage to follow in their footsteps. It seemed like the dream she had once gave up on, found its way back to her.


So, how did the name, Chirashi Bomb came about? As a avid fan of both sushi and art, Si Hui decided to put her two favourite things together. Her inspirations for her illustrations are largely based on the people, food and places in Tokyo city. But then again, for Si Hui, the most challenging about illustrating is drawing humans. It is definitely a real struggle.


What is the best part of being an illustrator?

“For me, it’s the satisfaction of striking off a materialised idea from my bucket list.”


One of her biggest role models is BTS, a Korean boyband she admires a lot. They might seem unrelated to her field of work but they have significantly influenced the way she works.



Just like her, they started from scratch, came from a really small entertainment company. Despite that, they worked hard and were able to gain a surging amount of popularity, on par with groups from bigger companies. Composing their own songs and creating their own music to convey meaningful and relatable messages, those are what Si Hui respects about BTS. Starting from a similar position as them, with zero followers and zero capital, their success story gives her hope that her hard work will too bear fruits with time. Hence, she aspires to produce not just merely aesthetic artworks, but works that are sincere, thought provoking and relatable.


What keeps you going?

“The desperation of wanting to strike illustration ideas off my bucket list.”


Si Hui has planned and drafted out ideas for upcoming designs, zines, and merchandises from now till the first half of 2018. She is afraid that she will not be able to finish them before she graduates from university and has to get a career. At times when she does not earn enough from Chirashi Bomb, she will take up commissions or work part-time, which means completing these ideas will be further delayed. And not being able to complete these ideas any faster is what frustrates her the most.


Any personal beliefs you have in terms of how you should live your life?

“What you live for should be what you’re willing to die for. In other words, live passionately and purposefully. But I never seem to be able to live up to this motto. Half the time I’m just procrastinating, half the time I think I’m Gudetama.”


One intangible accomplishment to her would be how people coming up to her booth at art markets to tell her that they recognise her, asking her for selfies and giving her food. Such simple acts by others have always deeply touched her heart.


Any advice that you have for people who are interested in illustrating?

“I don’t think I’m in a position to offer advice. I’m also struggling to survive while doing what I love. But if you really love what you do, you’ll find a way to survive.”

Si Hui’s biggest wish for the future would be to save up enough money and earn enough recognition to do Chirashi Bomb full-time.



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