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Hot & Wet | Fall/Winter 2011

With temperatures soaring 35 deg and erratic downpours in the tropics, the hot summer sale is ushering in yet another fashion season Fall/Winter 2011. For those of you who can’t wait till the cooler monsoon months set in to wear the latest Fall/Winter trends, here’s a weather proof survival guide for Fall/Winter 2011 make-up trends in
the tropics.


Rugged Cat-Eye
The cats are back. Not the Asian ferocious tigers, but those slinky sensual purrfect felines that are all over the season’s runway accessories. Feeling the need to complete the look? Ditch the kitty boots for a strong feline-inspired eye make-up and draws attention to your peepers. After all, who really walk around our tropical town in boots? The cat-eye look at Lanvin strays from the typical sharp graphic version (remember Cleopatra?) to a vogue rugged crayon-on effect, which makes it quite idiot proof to execute. Just grab a crayon or blunt pencil in a muted dark colour and draw a thick line starting from the centre of the lash line, extending it past the outercorner of the eyes. Finish it off square and imperfect, but not untidy. Keep the rest of face neutral with a sheer blusher and healthy lips.


Gunmetal Shine
The cool-dark-metallic-grey always appeal to the mysterious yet dangerous. For those of you who harbor a fetish to be a Bond/Bourne’s girl someday, wear the look and live the spy moment, in total secrecy of course! Pick a mission, a dressy late night event and a va-va-room outfit to go with the gunmetal colour. Chanel’s Illusions d’Ombre de Chanel collection is inspired by Karl’s specific request for this colour. Notably the Le Vernis nail shades and cream eyeshadow pots Mirifique (black), Illusoire (eggplant), Epatant (olive green) are keys to achieving the look. Similarly, keep the face bare and lips natural with a velvety matt texture.



Strawberries & Cream
Crossing over to the soft side, we have an unexpected but so pretty look for the chill weather. Surprisingly fresh, it’s a blend of mandarin oranges and salmon-pink, creamy and matt. With a statement colour like this on your lips, not much work is needed to achieve the look. Just great skin, curled lashes, softly defined brows and eyes with a light taupe colour. If you feel the urge to rush out for a stick, Topshop’s Ooh Ooh La is a very close colour match.

Nina Ricci


Blushing Romantic
The wedding fairy tale look for the autumn brides! Complete with red yellowing leaves, large blooms, gusty winds (no rain please!) and a dashing groom with ruffled hair. Most brides request for a minimal yet perfect make-up to bring out their best look and personality. Dusty rose, taupe, skin tone browns rule in the fall bridal colour palette. Creamy rosy tint for the cheeks and lips, gently smoked taupe eyes, plus a softly sculpted face to complete the look. A mild dusty rose lippy always come in handy for a stylish walk down the aisle.


Oscar de la Renta


Not for the colour blind, this look is the most challenging of them all. Not so much in terms of executional techniques, but rather the
ability to group diverse shades in a pantone colour family. Not all reds are blue, and not all greens are yellow. Hence, it is quite a fair bit of investment (including time to swatch & shop for products) to get the “just right” look. Ensuring that you don’t resemble a cosplay character if you are attempting a monochrome colour or be completely washed out with the browns. The key is to play with dark & lighter shades to define and sculpt your face features. Imagine how a black and white camera works to capture images based on the amount of light reflected on film? The same theory applies.




Rowene Law

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