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Fruits with superpowers

Have you ever heard of superfoods? I wish these were foods with superpowers but alas, no. Superfoods simply refer to foods that are filled with nutrition and thus, are good for your health. One such example and is the focus for the day is acai berries.


Originating from Brazil, these fruits are packed with not only nutrients but flavour as well. And with a blend of beauty and taste in their minds, the Brazilians invented what we now come to call Acai Bowls or Acai na Tigela—an artsy-looking bowl that promotes both visual appeal and health with every bite, showcasing a variety of fruits and treats to go along with the acai berries. It is no wonder people on Instagram are crazy over this stuff. Don’t believe me? Just look up #acaibowl on Instagram and see for yourself how many renditions there are for this vibrant and exciting dish—or bowl, rather. And they always look sumptuous and healthy.

Today, let us look at one of Singapore’s very own connoisseur of the acai bowl. Or, at the very least, one of the few establishments that introduced the stuff to us—Absolute Acai. Located in the bustling CBD area at Pickering Street, this small café specialises in serving Brazilian Acai Bowls, the perfect healthier substitute for ice-cream, especially in Singapore’s blazing hot weather.


Absolute Acai has 3 main bowls to offer: the Medium Signature Bowl at $9.50, the Brazillian Bowl at $7.50 and last but not least, the DIY Bowl at $6.90 with toppings at $0.50 and above. They also serve a Breakfast Smoothie at $6.50.

However, if you are a gym goer and happen to be around the area, you can enjoy a 10% discount just by showing your gym membership card.


As for the Acai Bowl itself, it definitely delivers on your expectations. The bowls are filled to the brim with a base of purplish purée that seems to be a mix of various berries, topped with a myriad of the most astonishing mixture of fruits. The taste is not too sweet but is just the right blend of fruity and nutty.


It is “Absolutely Acai” at its finest and should definitely be worth a try for when you feel like spoiling yourself for whatever reason you feel like giving yourself.


Absolute Acai
3 Pickering Street. #01-38 Nankin Row Singapore 048660
Tel: +65 62244088
Opening Hours: 10.30am – 8.30pm (Mon – Fri), 11:30am – 5:00pm (Sat), Closed Sun

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