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Foals – Live in Singapore | Concert Review

Linus Lester-Hodges2


“Babada babada~ Babada babada~”.
I overheard a group of rowdy youth/hipsters(as most like to call them these days) chanting the infectious bridge of ‘Two Steps, twice’ over and over as they waited patiently for Foals to grace the stage. It was not the band’s first time in Singapore but it was their first full concert and most fans were exhilarated to catch the Oxford indie-rockers again.

While I was immersed in my Instagram feed, the lights of The Coliseum faded abruptly and replaced with a loud roar from the audience as lead singer Yannis Philippakis and his bandmates took their positions on stage. The set started with the atmospheric and instrumental ‘Prelude’ from Foal’s latest effort, Holy Fire. The audience warmed up to the band, swaying at ease side to side to the opening number whilst anticipating what is up next on the setlist. At the back of my mind, I was hoping that they would belt out an old tune from their previous efforts as my personal top ten favourite Foals tracks are from those albums. Unlike their previous albums, Holy Fire differs as it embraces a heavier and darker sound to Foal’s signature indie rock.


Linus Lester-Hodges3


As soon as ‘Prelude’ came to an end, a familiar quirky guitar licks and funky bass lines were introduced and my heart raced as Foals sang the first few verses of ‘Total Life Forever’, off their 2010 album of the same title. Mid-through the song, Yannis cooly encouraged the crowd to join the band in singing along and most of us sang our hearts out proudly, knowing each and every lyric.

Foals went on to perform a lineup of classic hits such as Total Life Forever’s ‘Blue Blood’, Antidotes’s ‘Red Socks Pugie’ and ‘Olympic Airways’ and tracks such as ‘Providence’ and ‘Late Night’ from Holy Fire as well. I honestly applaud Foals for settling on a well-thought setlist as it was balanced, allowing old and new fans to enjoy the concert thoroughly. When the band performed ‘My Number’, fans sang to one another and danced themselves dizzy to the sensational cheery sound. It was clear that this song is undeniably a crowd’s favourite, with evidence from the floors of The Coliseum that was terrifyingly shaking. Another highlight of the concert would be when Foals took a break from all the dancey tunes and performed the down-tempo ‘Spanish Sahara’, which captivated our hearts with its ethereal sound accompanied with Yannis’s lilting voice. The band ended their set with the noise-heavy ‘Inhaler’, rocking the audience off their radar and back again to The Coliseum before bidding us adieu.


Linus Lester-Hodges1


Foals came back on stage for an encore and wasted no time, belting out  Antidotes’s ‘Hummer’, which in my opinion sounded a little flat and effortless. I had high expectations for ‘Hummer’ as I chanced upon the song back in 2008 while watching the first generation of UK’s cult televisions series, Skins. Nevermind about that, the band made a comeback and raised our spirits high again with their last song, the incredibly catchy and anthemic  ‘Two Steps, Twice’. Without a doubt, it was the pinnacle of the concert.

Many say that Foals is one of the best live bands around and I would definitely agree that they lived up to those expectations.
Thank you Symmetry Entertainment for bringing them to our shore and thank you Foals for blessing us with your insanely cool stage presence.



Total Life Forever
Olympic Airways
My Number
Blue Blood
Milk & Black Spiders
Spanish Sahara
Red Socks Pugie
Late Night
Two Steps, Twice



Text by: Erin Riduan
*Images courtesy of Linus Lester-Hodges/Symmetry Entertainment





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