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Fjällräven Bootcamp Series: Trekking Trip to Mt Raung

After watching plenty of movies on mountain climbing, I often wonder why these people devote their life to mountain climbing. Why take the risk to complete such a dangerous and difficult activity? I was never able to understand the reason.

For someone who prefers spending my leisure time at a beach filled with people, climbing up a mountain has never came across my mind. However, I decided to challenge myself and did something out of the ordinary. For 37 hours straight, I walked for a total of 17 km and climbed about 2540 meter height (25 hours ascending and 12 hours descending).


Welcome to Fjällräven Bootcamp Series II at Mt. Raung. Throughout the trip, we had a lot of new experiences and forged many new friendships. For all the 32 participants who came along, it was a memorable trip that would stay in our hearts for a long time.

Despite being a total newbie to mountain trekking, I had definitely learned a lot more during this trip. I was better equipped this time round, with many new climbing gears, as compared to my first trip to Mt. Gede in July 2016. However, climbing Mt. Raung was not easy. It was much more physically draining and at that moment, I wished I had brought along some helpful items, like energy powder, massage cream, a knee wrap and heat plasters, that could have improve my performance in trekking, as well as to prevent injuries.



Every time when I feel like giving up, I find myself repeating “You can do it! You can do it!” to keep me going. I even prayed at some dangerous points of climbing that required more skills to get over. In order to carry on, you have to feel encouraged by your fellow trekkers and yourself. One of the participants, Ana, also shared her story of how she overcame her fear when trekking with us. I had learned that fear sparks within you and you have to conquer that fear from within. Also, having a buddy system and teamwork is of utmost importance when you go trekking. We depend on one another for support so it is impossible to do it alone.


After much climbing, we finally achieved the peak of Sejati, at 3344 meter height. How did I feel when I first reached the peak? It was not the feeling of joy or excitement that overwhelmed me, instead it was calmness. The fact that I’m at the highest point of the mountain left my mind in a state of serenity. Mt. Raung has the largest crater in Java. Unfortunately, we did not have a clear view of the entire crater at the summit, as it started to rain during the last part of our climbing, but our spirits were not dampened.

The last 20 meters before I embraced everyone, it felt a little unbelievable that we had come so far. When I heard everyone cheering after reaching the top, adrenaline ran through every vein of my body. And that felt superb amazing.


The best thing about the Fjällräven Bootcamp was that we had a team of experienced trekkers to guide us, porters to carry all the load and even a chef to prepare delicious meals for us high up in the mountain! It was an intense and physically demanding four days trip for us and the exhausting trek certainly took a toll on us when we reached our base camp each night. The Fjällräven G1000 products also played a huge role in our trekking trip and went through a variety of tests like mud, rain and strenuous activities, however, they were still able to remain in a good condition!


At the end of the trip, we all felt a mixture of feelings that made it hard to bid farewell to each other. We have been through so much in such a short span of 3 days, yet we have forged so many friendships and created plenty of memories.

Although I am still relatively new to mountain climbing, with only two trekking experience in Mt. Gede and Mt. Raung so far, I think I have realised why some people love it so much.

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