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Fjällräven Boot Camp: A Time of My Life

Boot camp in to the wilderness

When you are up in the mountains, time moves very slowly. Every moment is precious and inestimable; you’ll forget the concept of time. By the end of night, you have created so much wonderful memories that ironically, you feel like the clock is ticking away a tad too fast. That is how I felt.

So welcome to the first Fjällräven Boot camp in Gunung Gede.  Kicking off on the 29th and ending on the 31st of July,  28 people and 4 porters started their journey from basecamp at Gunung Putri. On 30th July, 5 more members joined our troupe.


Gunung Gede never fails to amaze many trekkers; ranging from seasonal trekkers who have been there before to first-time trekkers who instantly fall in love with the mountains. Other than the view, the entire journey is all about of making new friends, sports, having a good time, photography opportunities, great Indonesian food and enjoying nature at its finest.


Our 1400 meter in height trek started at basecamp situated in Gunung Putri. I observed that the walking trails are very clearly defined so it will be impossible for one to get lost. The beginning of the trek in the lower part of the mountain was a relatively easy walk as the path was rather smooth until we reached the second quarter where the whole path was surrounded by roots. We encountered steep ascending path that can be almost 2 feet high. The last quarter of the trail were mostly stacks of rocks, boulders which made climbing on the upper part of the mountain easier.

There are 3 entrances to enter the mountain and entry was limited to 200 registered trekkers. The mountain is closed to the adventurers in January, February, March and August every year. As mentioned earlier, our trip was from 29th to 31st July. It was the last weekend the mountain was open. Hence, our campsite was populated.

As you walk up about 1200 meter in height to the campsite  you will enjoy the beauty of the lush rainforest. Amidst the clouds, we enjoyed the scenery, so peaceful and calm. It was so quiet all throughout, I could hear my own heartbeat. Unfortunately, there were some litters cluttered around the area.


Our campsite was about 2595 meter in height and it took us another half an hour to walk up to the summit. Sadly, we did not have the chance to watch the sunrise nor the sunset. That would have been stunning. Lucky enough we were joined by three experienced mountaineers during our trip. They have been very kind in sharing tips on fire mountain safety.

Furthermore, there were impromptu morning exercises, dance classes and yoga at the bootcamp. All thanks to the solar energy charger, we were also entertained by reggae music the entire time.

The best part of the trip? Most of us being given the opportunity to test the amazing and durable Fjällräven products. Some of us in this trek even walked away with lucky draw prizes! I was also pleasantly surprised to see that there were other fellow trekkers from another teams carrying Fjällräven products such as the Kajka backpack and Fjällräven pants.

Despite the short period of our trek it was definitely a memorable experience.

Article submitted by: Paul Khor (Curator of Actually)

Article edited by: Erin Riduan

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