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Profiling | Ferdi Trihadi

Ferdi Trihadi‘s artworks often leave viewers with a distinct impression that there’s something he’s not entirely revealing. While his works are mostly humorous and whimsical in nature, subjects are often cast into dubious and compromising situations, forcing viewers to second guess his intentions.

His bold and hyper-realistic images result in a larger than life aesthetic, but Ferdi never allows his message to become overshadowed by his medium. His works function both as a parody and a tribute to the various cultural influences that serve in establishing his identity as an artist.

ActuallyMAG caught up with him to find out what’s really going on in his head most of the time.

A day in your life– what occurs?

Ferdi: Same shit different day.

Describe your humble abode.

F: Typical Singapore HDB flat inhabited by 4 straight guys; how dirty it is is directly proportionate to its homeliness. I am a big fan of black, which explains why I own mostly black furniture in my room. Black lamp, black tables, black bedsheets, yeah you get the idea.

What do you do in your free time?

F: I am always thinking about solving current world crises and making the world a better place…No but seriously, I mostly just daydream, game, and draw.

Ferdi's contribution for our Project Nippon bags.

Recommend us some cool haunts in Singapore.

F: 15 Minutes Cafe is naturally my haunt of choice since it’s right at my school (Lasalle College Of The Arts). Cheap good eats, check. Cheap discounted beers, check. Good place for chilling/ meeting/ working, check. Good place to suss out neurotic arty chicks when you’re dead bored, check. Another good place I know of would be 15 Beach Road  #15-4685 (Refer to Question 2). Best place to go if you wanna geek out, pig out and enjoy a friendly match of Super Street Fighter IV.

Tell us something about yourself that no one knows.

F: I can see through your clothes.

How do you define yourself as a designer?

F: I’m a kid, and design is my toy.

What inspires your works?

F: Observations in everyday life and things that personally interests me like good music and movies. I am always curious about new discoveries, but my obsessions are often short-lived yet intense. Lately I have been obsessed with the bands Fear of Tigers and Pogo.

How much time do you devote to doing creative stuff?

F: I’d like to think that 100% of my time is spent creatively. When I go to school, I am surrounded by creative minds and when I am at home I am either working on a new project or gaming. I try to spend my waking life dedicated to having fun and living creatively to the point that I sometimes dream about drawing and designing. Constructive lucid dreaming.

While whimsical, Ferdi's work displays a covert political statement if you squint.

Which of your design pieces is your favorite, and why?

F: I am working ‘Violent Nation’ for my graduation project. I’ve really enjoyed this project so far as I was not only given a year to watch my “baby” grow, but it has also allowed me and other people to release any negative violent thoughts through the means of image making. This project is my idea of work + play. If you have time do check out http://ferditrihadi.com/violence

Is there a designer/artist you relate to?

F: I’ve been very lucky to have worked closely with : Phunk Studio. Just knowing them, their works and getting the chance to collaborate with them has been really inspiring. Awesome guys with awesome attitude. Kudos to them..

What’s the best and worst thing about being an artist?

F: Best: you can work and play at the same time.

Worst: dealing with clients that don’t appreciate you and your way of thinking.


For more on Ferdi’s work, visit his website @ www.ferditrihadi.com.

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