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Fashion Illustrators Series | Kristie Sim



Fashion illustration has been around for nearly 500 years. Ever since clothes have been in existence and there was a need to translate an idea or image into a garment, there has been a need for fashion illustration. Not only do fashion illustrations show a representation or design of a garment but also served as a form of art.

Kristie’s works marry creative imagination and illustration and her vision of self is vivid in her work. Telling a story with each stroke of the pen/brush, this young artist is one to watch.



What do you enjoy about illustrations? 

You retell a story in your own way, using different mediums and distortions to bring out what you feel is significant in a subject. I’m not very fluent in the spoken word, so maybe that’s why I tend to express myself more on paper with lines and colours.


How long have you been doing illustrations?

Since a kid I guess! I remember drawing stick figures when I was kid. Actually, everyone started out as an illustrator in my opinion. I think it’s safe to say every kid enjoys drawing, until he sees someone else getting a better grade than them in Art class. That happened to me. But it didn’t stop me from doodling in my journals as I grew up. I started getting more intense in 2008, but I never knew they were considered illustrations. They were just my way of releasing stress and emotions.


What is the appeal of illustrations?

I think being able to view somebody’s imagination or perception, which is different from your own, can be very intriguing. Just look at the magic of children’s/pictorial books 🙂


Did you have any formal training in illustration? Is that necessary?

I attended the basic Art class just like everyone else in primary and secondary school (till sec 2). And recently I just started my first oil painting class. One of NAFA’s short 2-month courses! I am really a TOTAL beginner, and I am excited on learning things I never knew in the world of Art and Illustration. It’s a world that I’m extremely unfamiliar with. Still exploring.

But there are so many illustrators out there who are doing great and produce amazing work without having gone through any formal training! I don’t see why formal training is absolutely necessary for success. It’s more like a guide.


What are your next steps – where do you want illustration to take you?

Now that I’ve ended my major exams, I’m planning to take a gap year. I believe everyone should have a gap year to rest, think, or explore, you know, do something different for a change and recharge. Or else I’ll be just studying and working my entire life! Of course this would also be a great opportunity to concentrate on improving myself and attend more classes.

As mentioned above, I really am looking forward to having formal training in Art/Illustration. It is also a known fact that school fees (art schools) are pretty expensive, especially if it’s an overseas experience. At the moment it seems a little impossible. So I’m just crossing my fingers and taking a step of faith to prepare myself for any opportunity, and see where I can go 🙂


Do you think illustration is becoming is more popular now, and does it have a significant place in the fashion world?

I think people are beginning to realise the beauty of illustration, especially in the fashion world. And I am one of those people. It conveys design and appeal. It presents and communicates your visual idea. It’s communicative art. Man, how cool is that!


Kristie shares her amazing work here.



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