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Fashion Illustrators Series | Kimberly Anne Lim

Resurrecting our Fashion Illustrators series from the dead, we return this week with an aspiring artist from motherland, Kimberly Anne Lim! Dabbling mostly with sketches and noodles, Kimberly has been obsessed with fashion and models ever since she discovered it’s her passion. Cutting the story short, read away and see what this aspiring artist has to say about her illustrations, influences and thoughts on the local art scene.

Tell us about yourself.
Hi! My name is Kimberly Anne Lim, I’m turning 25 at the end of this year, I hold a full time job at a menswear/luxury watch magazine, and doodling/sketching is a hobby and passion of mine.

What do you enjoy about illustrations?
How lines and shading can make an illustration come to live and just how therapeutic the process of doing it can be!

What is a typical illustration process like for you?
I have this unhealthy yet I would call it good obsession with fashion and models, so I spend most of my time on the internet looking at photos from fashion week and editorials. I guess that’s where I get my inspirations from.


What time of mediums do you use? (i.e watercolour, pen, colour pencils etc)
I work mostly with pen, pencils and coloured markers, but when I’m feeling adventurous, I would add in a little acrylic painting, chinese ink or fingerprint art.

Did you have any formal training in illustration? Is that necessary?
Nope. It would be an added plus point if you do, but I don’t think it is absolutely necessary to be formally trained. I think that passion and keeping an open mind gets you there. There is no right or wrong when it comes to art.

Do other visual artists or even people influence your work?
I am a huge fan of Pablo Picasso’s cubist artworks, and illustrations from both Cedric Rivrain and Caroline Andrieu.


What are your next steps – where do you want illustration to take you?
Hopefully, illustrating for fashion magazines or collaborating with a fashion or beauty brand.

Do you think illustration is becoming is more popular now, and does it have a significant place in the fashion world?
I don’t think it is in Singapore, but overseas, definitely.
Illustration gives a whole new perspective to the fashion world and more fashion magazines are incorporating it into their pages, so yeah, I think it does have a significant place in the fashion world.
*Images courtesy of Kimberly Anne Lim

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