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Fashion Illustrators Series | Hisyam


Most of us know fashion illustrations for their distinctive assotication with style and beauty. There is no doubt about that, however there is so much more to fashion illustrations. This time, pay close attention to the illustrator’s use of colours, textures, movement and flow, collage and even mixed media techniques. Each one of them is distinctly unique. That’s what we love about fashion illustrators, Hisyam’s works included.



What do you enjoy about illustrations?

I illustrate often when I feel the need to escape from reality for a moment, and sometimes a class or two. I think I drew the most in geography classes back then and no wonder I didn’t get good grades for it.



How long have you been doing illustrations?

Since I was a kid? I vividly remember trying to copy cartoon characters and always get annoyed when the proportions don’t turn out right. My mum would always remind me how I’ve always insisted on colouring the model figures than rather than doing the math questions during my tuition.



What is the appeal of illustrations?

The diverse range of different styles from different illustrators.


Did you have any formal training in illustration? Is that necessary?

Not at all. It all comes from passion and strong interest that drives me to go deeper in this field. This is also a strong motivation for me to work hard in order to improve.



What are your next steps – where do you want illustration to take you?

Hopefully being able to contribute to a well-established fashion magazine. It would be nice to be able to marry two interests into one, for this case being fashion and illustration. I just wish for illustration to be a more recognized profession here and it’d be amazing if people could remember me for my illustrations.



Do you think illustration is becoming is more popular now, and does it have a significant place in the fashion world?

I guess it’s slowly becoming popular but I’m definitely not feeling it in Singapore, at least not yet? And yes, illustration has and will always be significant in the fashion world.


Check out Hisyam’s portfolio here.



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