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Fashion Climate SG 2011

As the polite half-clapping of the crowd draws to a slow and silent murmur and Fashion activities and festivals come to an end, we come to a point where we have to analyse the fashion climate of our nation. With all the hype surrounding the Audi Fashion Festival and the Blueprint Tradeshow, it is only right that we present the other side of the coin. The regular-people side.

One show in particular managed to capture all the imagination, creativity, attention to detail and functionality of our local designers, and that was the Parco next NEXT showcase at the Audi Fashion Festival.

Of the eight local designers and labels presented, just about all had their own unique approach to fashion. Some catered to working folk, some to rave-goers. Some seemed to cater to people who really like tea parties. Each label had an immensely focused yet paradoxically diverse audience to reach, and reach they did.

As if the future’s progress were premeditated, fashion students claimed a large percentage of the crowd, and exercised critical thinking when commenting politely behind their cupped hands about the collections.

This season was a season of leather and brights, but while everyone else has got their handle on something primary coloured, Singapore’s designers take it a step further and go full on fluorescent. And we love it. We also love the gratuitous use of sheer fabrics and pleats, as well as head accessories that seem to have astoundingly gorgeous delusions of grandeur.

What was clear, however difficult the pattern was to spot, was that none of these designers held any talent back. None feared defying convention, and each one went all out to create not just fashion but a holistic fashion experience.

Every year Singapore sees a rise of trends and then a wave of imitators. Repeated designs from across the seas filter their way down into our department stores and blogshops, turned somewhat crudely into plain everyday wear, where the essence of fashion has been overwhelmed by practicality.

Fortunately, there has been and continues to be a triumphant improvement in the fashion consciousness of Singapore’s young generation. Young designers are coming forward, presenting the industry with spectacular collections that rival the best. Yet they grace the audience with modest, awkward smiles at the end of their showcases. How truly, wonderfully Singaporean.

– Jolin

View pictures from the show in the gallery below:

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