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Don’t be Afraid of Being Naked

This is Who I Am


Most of us, especially those in our teenage years, would go through a period of time in which we feel insecure about ourselves whether in terms of our appearance, our body or well generally with ourselves. We can’t really help it, can we? But think again, maybe we can, why not? We just have to learn to really be fine with who we are and to feel comfortable in our own skin and the confidence will come to us ever so naturally. Let’s get it on because we are free to do that so why not just do it?

The latest addition to our “You Are Love” series explores the different insecurities that could haunt an individual and also brings across the message that it is always okay to be who you are. Being yourself is being in acceptance of whatever you are born with and whatever you have; do not feel uncomfortable in your own skin or feel restricted because of the environment you’re in. Embrace your individuality and let loose of whatever you have in mind, after all it is your own self that you are given with. Live it, shake off those insecurities that you have. Don’t be afraid of being who you are, don’t be afraid of being naked ‘cause baby we were born this way!


kNOwing Restriction


Personal Embrace


A Naked Dream


Sweet Indulgence


Mirrored Confidence


Private Practice


Playful Seduction


Insecured Dilemma


Rightful Vanity

Photography by Adrian Jiun
Hair: Felix Nai
Makeup: Winter Chee
Text: Chermaine & Novy


The ActuallyMAG Team


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