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DJ Lucky Lou l LMFAO and the Party Rock Crew

Making his Singapore debut, New Yorker DJ Lucky Lou headed straight up 57 floors to Ku De Ta and dropped his massive selection of party rocking beats. Not a stranger to party rocking, Lucky is the official DJ for the increasingly popular electro and hip hop band LMFAO, and is part of the Party Rock Crew.

With mainstream chart-toppers like “Shots ft Lil Jon” and “Party Rocking Anthem ft. Lauren” hitting repeat on the airwaves, Lucky knows how the party can get messy. ActuallyMag speaks to the down-to-earth DJ prior to the impending dancefloor mayhem.

How has Singapore been for you so far?

First time in Singapore, baby and I love it! People here are nice and the food is amazing. So far it has been great!

Born and raised in Queens, New York. That’s where hip hop legends like Run DMC and Nas came from. How have the city brought you up musically?

I grew up listening to hip hop. I think the great thing about hip hop DJs is that we learned how to play breaks from each song. And with hip hop in relation to dance and club music, if you have a really good hip hop DJ that plays a top 40 electronic type of field, they can just bring out the best of those songs instead of long extended intros. And that’s a hip hop thing.

How do you work the crowd into a fine party rocking frenzy?

Building up the party has a lot to do with reading the crowd and looking at what you have to work with.  From there, you test out a few songs and see how they react to it. Certain DJs know that when they got a crowd at a certain point, that’s where you’ll build it up from.

Does it help that your moniker is the King of clubs? Where did that come from?

(Laughs) I don’t know! Well, King of Clubs was a nickname given to me, but not only because of DJing and stuff. Obviously before being a DJ I was a big fan of clubs, and other DJs. And I embrace and love the whole culture of nightlife. That’s where it came from.

What about King of Queens?

Oh, King of Queens as in New York? (Laughs) that would be great! That would be actually awesome!

It’s not just about DJing isn’t it? How do you go about staying at your best?

I am a pretty regimented guy. I think mind, body and spirit is one whole thing. So I get up in the morning, I work out, and I do my regiment for the whole day.  Within that I do my DJing as well, and I treat that as another part of my regiment as well.  I work out on the blending, I work out on the cutting, and listen to songs; it is a whole process. People think that DJing is just about playing songs, but you got to really work at it in order to be successful.

And all that work has seen you acquire a certain degree of artistry since you not only mix but scratch and emcee as well. Do you find that that artistry is slowly going extinct with the current crop of DJs?

There’s some validity to that because music is so accessible now and you are not really shopping for records anymore. You know, it’s a good and bad thing. It’s like there’s excessiveness to music that anyone and everybody thinks they’re a DJ. But at the same time with that, DJs has a lot of likeability, they tend to become like pop icons as well. I mean, if you have that in your artillery of being a DJ, it’s even better for you and even better for your crowd. I think as a DJ -beyond just playing music- and if you have a following, you have to be able to give it back to them.

You are the official DJ for LMFAO as well. What would a typical set look like?

(Laughs) It’s crazy, over the top, sexy and at the same time, we promote unification, love and having fun. You know, it’s all about the love. And with the current state of the world and the way it is now, it’s pretty depressing. But if you listen to LMFAO, and anything with Party Rock, it’s all about spreading positivity. We base our music upon our fans and our experiences with them. The fans are the number one thing, especially referencing SkyBlu because he preaches that all the time.

And how have SkyBlu and Redfoo been treating you so far?

Great! It’s funny because I am a DJ for them but I am also a big fan of the band, you know what I mean? I listen to my music and LMFAO’s music like all day and all night, and I never get tired of it. But the guys are great! They are visionaries, they are my brothers, and it’s great having them around. And they’ve done a lot for the scene too.

So where are you off to after Ku De Ta?

We got a lot of traveling. We are currently on our LMFAO’s Sorry for Party Rocking Tour, so I will be joining them for some dates to play in different clubs. Just working, you know? It’s a great thing, just spreading the love of our music.

Will you be doing the same at Ku De Ta?

You are going to expect energy! I am not like your regular tour of DJs, because you can expect energy, great music, and not only that, but crowd interaction as well. We’ll definitely make it a night to remember!

Zul Andra

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