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DJ Kurt | Clash the Disko Kids

Kurt is one of the most prominent people in Singapore’s electronic dance music scene. As recognizable as that spot of yours on the dancefloor, Kurt has clambered his way up local DJ charts having helmed the decks at Zouk, Butter Factory and Home Club. Part of the one man techno and electro wielding Clash the Disko Kids, he also plies his trade as a developer of awesome apps and techy stuff.

Having been invited to the launch of the latest line of Underground creepers from the London based label at Paint Mash Up, Kurt together with the likes of DJ and fashion blogger Linda Hao, club owner Bobby Luo, jewelry designer Nicolle Wong and an exclusive bunch will be splattering their creative juices onto their own customized creepers. Their designs will also be showcased at the Very Wooonderland Pop-Up Store at the ION Glass House.

ActuallyMAG chats with the DJ and tech geek about music, the local edm scene and ‘The Future.’

What have Clash The Disko Kids been up to?

Clash The Disko Kids is pretty much a solo project now. The former members are too busy with their families, and day jobs. However, we still catch up once in a while. Currently, I’m recording some new material and doing collaboratiosn with other artists for upcoming EPs. I’m also working on a new side project called “The Pocket Magik” with Melvin aka Betaphats. In fact, we’ve spent the past year in the studio working on this, and the album should be ready by end of this year. We’ve been receiving a lot of good responses and feedbacks for this project so far, and seriously we can’t wait to release it. (you can hear the demos at http://soundcloud.com/thepocketmagik)

Your remix of Aussie musician Distrakt’s “The Future” from his eponymous EP has been making mad rounds on Facebook and the blogosphere. Tell us more about how the remix (released on Australian and Dutch label Touché Records) came about and what’s so kick ass about it.

Distrakt is a good friend of mine, I’m just returning a favor for the remix he did for the debut “Midget Gems” EP that I did with Ming. Well, I’m glad we’ve been receiving huge support from everyone and DJs like Kissy Sellout, Andy George & Jaymo, Dem Slackers, Shameboy, Sound of Stereo and other big boys in the Europe electro/techno scene. By the way, Distrakt’s “The Future EP” is available for free download so go and support him!


Kurt can easily be considered one of Singapore’s most prolific DJs.


You’ve played across the world. Where are some the best places you’ve rocked and why?

Definitely anywhere in Europe. But to be specific it should be in the various Belgian and German cities. I have the most amazing following over there and they party hard! The energy and vibe at those gigs never fails to amaze me. These clubbers know the music well and they respect the DJs. And you know what, they would walk up to me and compliment me after my set! You won’t see that happen with the local clubbers here.

You’ve honed your craft in Singapore for years and have seen the electronic dance music evolve. Where are we at presently and where do you think we are going?

We’re still moving slow and steady. However, I’ve seen some good musicians stepping up now and putting Singapore on the international stage. We’re improving definitely! Shout out to fellow musicians like Koflow, Dharni, Kiat and his Syndicate crew, Analog Girl, and I Am David Sparkle.

Do you think we are spoilt bunch with the number of guest DJs dropping beats in Singapore compared to our neighboring nations where guest DJs are a rarity?

Yes, as much I like to see all these big name DJs and bands coming here, it only makes things worse for us. We won’t be getting much support from the locals. I don’t think we lack the skills, talent, or are any different from these foreign acts. Why can’t local DJs or bands be headliner for any big events or parties here?

They have also created a name for themselves overseas with international collaborations.

Where’s CTDK heading from here?

We’ll be seeing more EPs, collaborations with artists and gigs tour. Oh yeah, I would love to do a live set with a full size orchestra someday!

You are a few other local scenesters will be championing the launch of Underground sneakers. You’ll be given paint, what are you gonna do with it?
I guess I’ll just paint with whatever I have in mind on that day. It’s freedom of creativity isn’t it?

– Zul Andra

Paint Mash Up is on July 9, 3-5pm at the VERY Wooonderland Pop Up store, ION Orchard Glasshouse, Level 1 ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, 6238-8228. The pop up store is open daily 11am-9pm till July 17.
Also, check out more of Kurt’s music.

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