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Admit it, that at whatever age you are, we turn to the Internet for almost anything.
I have been waiting for a movie like this with an impactful and powerful storyline for the longest time. “Disconnect” is probably the best movie to come on to the big screen in years and it’s definitely a must-watch! Tell all your friends about it.

There are 3 storylines in the movie and they do not collide and cross each other. However, each story has it own merit and worthy of its own. They all have been a victim cyber bullying , identity theft and abuse. It reflects how our lives have been taken over by technological advances in communication via laptop, smartphone and ipad. This is what happened to the characters and their family.


Story 1: How a successful, rich and busy father reacted when his quiet and socially outcast son was victimised and tried to commit suicide. This was the result of a prank by his classmates by creating a fake girlfriend via Facebook.

Story 2:  A grieving parents struggle to deal with the death of their son and could not talk face to face to each other, resulting in their lives disappearing, mostly spending time on support group internet chat and games respectively. One day they discovered they have been hacked and their identity and money were stolen. This is a story of  how they reconnect themselves to the world again.

Story 3:  An ambitious TV reporter hopes to make a name for herself  by exposing online child sex exploitation and the story follow the events that take place in the process of her tactics, including caught up with law enforcement. Guess who is the cyber pimp ? Fashion designer Marc Jacobs!




Kudos to the superb acting that made me believe in their characters and actually feeling sorry for them.  This is a slow pace movie, but I focus on every minute of the movie. There are times when the movie is in total silence,  yet I find the chat lines typing appear on the scene line by line is so intense.

After watching this movie,  it is a good reminder to myself to always be cautious when I am on internet as there are so many people our there who misused the internet, especially in social media.

This movie is disturbing as it touches on the harsh reality of life; yet the movie is effective and realistic.  I hope “Disconnect” gets the recognition it deserves.




Text by: Paul Khor




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