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Diana Mini Coral Fusion | Review


Stylish, compact and warm as the sun,
The new Diana Mini Coral Fusion is bound to steal many hearts!

Coated in a charming shade of pastel orange, the camera’s colour gives a calming and dreamy feel that makes it the perfect toy for analogue photography enthusiasts who are unwinding their weekends away.




The Diana Mini Coral Fusion uses 35mm film and allows you to take photographs in 2 different formats, either square or in half-frame mode. If you are shooting indoors or during nighttime, every Diana F+ package comes with a retro-looking add-on flash that is easy to use and produce wonders when you snap your photograph.




Lomography fans would be happy to know how tiny the Diana Mini Coral Fusion is, that it fits nicely into my pocket. The size of this vibrant camera makes it the ideal photographic equipment to bring along on a laidback weekend with friends or during your photography adventures.


Lastly, what I love about the Diana Mini Coral Fusion?


Photo by Ali55 (Lomography community member)


Photo by Maneke (Lomography community member)


Photo by Grazie (Lomography community member)



It gives every photograph a soft and dreamlike effect entwined, creating a wonderful story behind every captured moment. Daydreamers, this is the perfect camera for you.



Erin Riduan

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