Actually 9th Anniversary Tote Bag

Actually celebrates our 9th anniversary this April and you are all in for a treat! Throughout the years, we grown to know how much you love our Actually raw bags and we heard all your demands! Specially for this joyous occassion, we are launching our all-new 99 limited edition tote bag. An improvised version of our signature raw bags, the handy 2-way sling/tote bag is now accompanied with life-saving pocket compartments in both the inner and back parts of the bag! With the new additional pockets, you can now place your essentials such as your phone or wallet in it, without having to rummage through the entire bag searching for your items!

For all you wanderlust seekers, the tote is a perfect bag to bring along on your travels! The tote bag is of approved size to hand-carry on flights and it can be your faithful companion as you explore new cities! Sling the bag over your shoulder or carry it as a tote bag, wear it however you like! We all love this bag for the right reasons.