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Designer’s Hideout | The Goods Dept.

Paradoxically placed in one of the biggest malls in Jakarta, The Goods Dept. is a great juxtaposition to Jakarta’s shopping culture. A shopping mall that features stores like Prada & Louboutin would be the last place you expect to find a cool, high-end, street store. I sat down with Mr. & Mrs. Kerrigan, head of business development for The Goods Dept. to talk about the rise of street culture in Jakarta.


What’s the inspiration behind the store?

Brightspot Market was an inspiration. We started Brightspot Market 2 years ago. It was a curated market of all things cool. We would take over big empty spaces in malls for independent local designers to showcase their items and at the same time, educate the consumers about the rising street culture here in Jakarta. Brightspot grew into such a phenomena that it was only natural to the store established as our next step. We wanted to do something for the retail scene and our aim is to create the best retail experience for our consumers.


How many labels do you hold in the Goods dept.?

We have about 150 designers and 80% of them are local. We wanted to feature good design, affordable products for college kids. The prices of items in the store range from an average of Rupiah 500,000 – 900,000 (SGD 70 – 130). We don’t only carry clothing labels but also an array of furniture, books, music, photography & food. It’s a lifestyle store.


The Goods Café, located within the store, features some of the most tantalizing, artery-clogging, dishes.  Tell us more about the café.

The menu is inspired by California. A friend, who’s a female chef from San Francisco, made it based on her comfort food. There’s an eclectic mix of dishes on the menu, such as the coffee rug burger that has a seasoning containing a mix of coffee with homemade BBQ sauce.


What is your favourite dish from the Goods Café?

It’s either the fried Chicken sandwich, or the Mexican breakfast.


What do you think of the street culture in Jakarta, Indonesia?

There is already an existing market that is constantly hungry for great designs but street style in Jakarta is still a work in progress, we have to educate the consumers about the street style culture. We have constant rotations of exhibition and events in our store. We have an upcoming exhibition with a group of graffiti artists, launch of music bands, fashion shows etc. The Goods Dept. is a multi functional space, a platform for local musicians & designers to exhibit their work. Before Brightspot, consumers used to buy imported goods because they associate imported goods to good value. Today, local goods have become a commodity, as it is the new frontier to consumerism.


-Estee Hamid


The Goods Dept.

Plaza Indonesia Extension L4 #14
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav.28-30
Jakarta 10350P

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