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Designer Furniture Stores | Purvis Street

Take a stroll down Purvis Street and you will soon realize that this little shopping enclave has much more to offer than meets the eye. Shophouses jostle for space in this unassuming environment that houses fashion boutiques, hair salons, small eateries, and much more.


One of the more prominent features of Purvis Street, however, are the many designer furniture shops that are dotted about. Functioning just as much as concept spaces as they are retail stores, names such as Boffi, Moroso and Foundry should not be unfamiliar to design lovers. In efforts to introduce the finer points of design to a greater audience, these brands also participated in the 2011 SaturdayinDesign festival which recently took place for the first time in Singapore.


Boffi, which is based in Belgium, has its focus resting primarily in kitchens and bathrooms. One of their more noteworthy pieces is a kitchen counter created using a combination of different materials. Old timbre wood dated from as old as 200 years are juxtaposed against the smooth finish of stainless steel, creating an unexpected, but intriguing effect. All their designs carry a similar emphasis on simplicity and clean lines. While certainly functional, they will also definitely liven up and reinterpret any space that they happen to inhabit.


Moroso from Italy specializes in sofas, armchairs, and accessories. Comfort and luxury form two of their main concerns – this is exemplified in their ‘Binta Armchair’, which is bound to steal the thunder from any living room. It is handcrafted using materials sourced from all over the world, thus creating a pathwork effect that is both quirky and charming. A more subtle design would be the ‘Impossible Wood Chair’. Using wood, which is vastly different in all aspects from plastic, a molded chair is shaped, and made unique because of the material used. This is not only a clever exploration on textiles, but also adds a certain extra depth to the ordinary molded chair.


Lastly, we have Foundry, which surely counts as a Singaporean success story. Having stuck with their philosophy of minimalism and meticulous attention to details, each of their pieces are elegant and understated, but have their own story to tell. An example would be the Traversa table, which reinvents a common dining table by changing up the table base, thus making it seem more modern and almost multi-dimensional. Although not elaborate or fanciful, it creates a strong visual and spatial effect, which, in my opinion, is much more palatable to the eye.


The fact that SaturdayinDesign was held in Singapore this year instead of its native Australia is an indication of the growing interest amongst Singaporeans towards design. If you haven’t already, it’s not too late to check out these shops and think a little deeper about the thought process and planning that goes behind each beautifully crafted piece of furniture. To make things more convenient for you, all these shops are located along the same street!


– Yishu

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