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Danial Enemiko l Nu-Aged Whimsical

Enemiko[http://www.flickr.com/photos/enemikoxxx/] is not just a photographer and a trained graphic designer, Enemiko is an artist; and like most artist he is defined by his unique style and approach. Often impressed as whimsical, his work is hardly regarded as bordering on abstract. It is a marriage of two extreme. From the exaggeration of colours while delivering a message of a depressing nature, to humorously wild and intensified characterization of a subject matter while purporting a broody, often ghastly idea. And as art imitate life, the comical nature of his work can also be found in his personality.

Tell us about yourself.

I call myself Danial Enemiko like many others do. There was a point of time when they used to address me by the names of odd looking mammals, but I guess time sutured it all. I am the Art Director of SOUL, a club that was just born late last year in the heart of the city. Well if you’re dyslexic or looking the other way around, we’re actually the rectum. Either way, we’re very productive. Anything and everything creative and relatively design, will and should undergo an ‘underpass under me’ procedure.

I was born on the 27th of December 1984, but I’m still uncertain how precisely aged I am. The reason wouldn’t be my bad history of mathematics, but more of my good present laziness to count.

I only have a diploma in advertising and communication design to boast all the way to my grandchildren’s children and even if my intentions were to attain more knowledge, it wouldn’t be through paying a huge sum of what we call funds.

My hobbies are typically similar to many. Eat, dream, sleep and creating our own perception of ‘beauty’. I like to make love too, but that can be included in my mentioned ‘eat’ category. My perception of life varies. Nothing is perfect and everything is well balanced. Without here you can’t get there, without this you can’t have that, hence, just live and continue pursuing our own extremes of happiness. However, I value sincerity and treasure innocence.

Share with us your personal beliefs.

My beliefs are like many others, uncertain. No matter how staunch or reckless our discipline or devotion is to something OR even how enthusiastically crumpled one’s face is at his/her most diligence and efforts, it will only matter most to oneself. Believing is like self-pleasure. Similar to wearing your name tag on your chest upside down, for you to be able to see your name the right side up. We all love to believe and since everyone has different beliefs, agitation and abrasion occur. Humans we are.

Where do you think you’ll head in a few years time?

My ambition is ever changing. Influence is the culprit. It took awhile for me to pick only a good few for my future. And that is to see as many portions of the world with my family before we rest.

How did you first got into designing and photorgraphy?

Pardon my forgetful mind. I think it was around a decade ago when I was given my first DSLR camera. Before that I only kept and collected my father’s mechanical cameras only because they looked nice and shiny. I’d collect forks and spoons but that would be a silly hobby. He wasn’t a photographer, only a tourist-looking tourist. Polo tee, brown pocketed vest, Timberland/Caterpillar/DrMartens boots and a neck-slinged camera sort of. I remembered telling my young self that I would never be able to understand using the camera. I also remembered telling myself that I could hold my pee for more than 2 days.

Design was more in the category of portraying the message beautifully to attract and absurdly to sustain.

I guess I am a modern version of my dad. We also share bad handwriting and our love for keyboards. He’s like a twin brother who’s much older than me. Ok, I’ll stick to ‘father.’

What were your most recent projects and how did you work on them?

I’ve mostly been working on SOUL’s designs and shooting my personal series and favors; those of which fuels up my insanity. Typically, the commissioned ones can stale my soul, but it pays for porridge.

Describe your current style.

Very office-chair ridden. I wear it under me with slouching pride.

What are you inspired by?

F*** inspirations really! F*** them well and good. You know what’s most inspiring? Suffering. Every day we are sufferin’. Therefore I work, I try my best to stay awake, create and get paid. And I’m so darn glad some do really appreciate my works and efforts.

Who are your influences?

My celebrity reference is low I apologize. Just plain eagerness I guess.

Describe how you approach your work?

Jugs and jugs of coke for the caffeine. Coffee is an expensive fashion accessory and they make me gloomy and shitty somehow, literally. Cigarettes and short films to reward myself after every completion of quota and workload. Belch and farts to cue disrespect for Photoshop if it unexpectedly quits. Love from friends and family.

What projects do you have in the pipeline?

Can we not talk about this? Pipelines are very sensitive subjects. Plumbing, choking, algae, wet hair… oh my.

What does art mean to you?

It means money, waking up to many new days with sufficient meals and good times for me and my loved ones and a sense of ‘F*** my works are surprisingly awesome but I’m not there yet.’


– Zul Andra

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