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Combining Personal Interests with Philanthropy


As a lover of fashion, I make a conscious effort to always be aware of ways I can give back. Sometimes I do this by giving directly to an organization whose cause I can embrace. Other times, I combine my resources with those of others by supporting companies that use their profits to do philanthropic work.



I like to support charities that focus on bringing resources to others. Fashion Delivers donates new products to people across the United States who have been affected by natural disasters or need help rebuilding their lives for a variety of other reasons. Manufacturers donate clothing and home furnishings to Fashion Delivers, and the organization use cash donations from individuals to help deliver these products.



Fashion and Philanthropy

Sometimes shopping is a great way to give back. I am getting something I want or need while at the same time giving something to someone else who needs it.

Warby Parker is my favorite place to shop for women’s eyeglasses or a trendy set of shades. Their prices run considerably lower than those of their competitors, and they also donate a pair of glasses to someone in need each time they sell a pair. Additionally, the company partners with non-profit organizations to help entrepreneurs in low-income areas learn to sell affordable eyewear.




As a particularly fashion-conscious person, I love the chance to sport a trendy new bag or cute accessories. Several of the ones I have now come from FEED. Through the sale of their products, FEED has been able to provide over 60 million meals to schoolchildren worldwide by way of a partnership. Additionally, FEED has partnered with the U.S. Fund to provide over 46,000 children with essential nutrients through nutritional supplements.





Chances to do good and give to others are everywhere. I believe there is power in numbers. While I can make a difference on my own, partnering with organizations and companies involved in philanthropic pursuits makes an even bigger impact.

Shop Savvy. Give Savvy.



Text by: Morgan Gray



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