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54Celsius innovates the classic candle, one unique design at a time. We embrace the bold and the strange, the mythical, the cosmic, and the timeless - all to create striking pieces that glow with play and delight.
Using only top-quality ingredients, we ensure that every part of the burning process is clean and safe. That means recyclable or compostable packaging and intentional, traceable candle ingredients.
We develop products in-house, collaborate with visionary product designers, and source from multiple generations of candlemakers to bring the inventive to your home. From unboxing your candle to the flame's last flicker, every element of the 54Celsius experience is made to charm.

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Sold outCandleHand "You Rock" Candle - RedCandleHand "You Rock" Candle - Red
Candle Care SetCandle Care Set
Candle Care Set Sale price$119.00
NOEUD Soap - Soft WhiteNOEUD Soap - Soft White
NOEUD Soap - Soft White Sale price$45.00
Spindle Candle Elle - GreenSpindle Candle Elle - Green
Spindle Candle Elle - BlueSpindle Candle Elle - Blue
Spindle Candle Elle - BlackSpindle Candle Elle - Black
Spindle Candle Nex - YellowSpindle Candle Nex - Yellow
Spindle Candle Nex - BlueSpindle Candle Nex - Blue
Spindle Candle Nex - Blue Sale price$69.00
Spindle Candle Nex - GreenSpindle Candle Nex - Green
Spindle Candle Nex - BlackSpindle Candle Nex - Black
Spindle Candle Knubby - BlackSpindle Candle Knubby - Black
Spindle Candle Knubby - GreenSpindle Candle Knubby - Green
Spindle Candle Knubby - RoseSpindle Candle Knubby - Rose
Spindle Candle Knubby - YellowSpindle Candle Knubby - Yellow
Spindle Candle Knubby - WhiteSpindle Candle Knubby - White