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ClogTwo—Versatility: The key to progress

“Be obsessed with what you do and be a master of your own craft,” Mr Eman Raharno Jeman, also known as ClogTwo, said in a call interview with Actually.


The 31-year-old Graffiti Writer is best known for not only what his occupation suggests—graffiti—but, also just for his many awesome art, digital and otherwise, which you can see on his frequently-updated Instagram page here. However, there is absolutely no way you can talk about ClogTwo as a single entity because of his prominent role as half of the dynamic couple, The Ink and Clog. The other half, not to be outshined in importance to the pair, is Inkten, yet another local Graffiti Artist who Clog was happily wed to in August 2017. The duo’s works have become icons all around the world, in London, Japan, Korea, Australia, Mexico, United States, Hong Kong, and parts of the South East Asia Region.


On The Ink&Clog Website, they state that “Their style strongly revolves around mathematical lines and grids.” And this is very striking in Clog’s works with huge emphasis on lines, especially so in his recent works adding a mecha element to familiar characters and icons that we’ve grown to love(or hate).


Photo taken from ClogTwo’s Behance https://www.behance.net/clogtwo


Photo taken from ClogTwo’s Behance https://www.behance.net/clogtwo


When asked why the obsession with lines and grids, Clog reflected on his background in Animation where he was required to repeatedly draw lines over and over for every frame. To him, the line art is the primary aesthetic of every piece embellished only by colours later on. He admits that his addiction to the tiniest details is really just more of his own personal satisfaction.


However, Clog mentions that styles—especially his—are never permanent. Like an ever-fleeting piece of art, in his 25 years of doing art, his style is always evolving. This is owing to a change of interest from time to time. You may now see his recent works and notice the abundance of mecha-themed characters heavily drawing inspirations from cartoons and anime, however, comparing it to his earlier works, you’ll come to realise he used to do a myriad of different things. From sketches to caricatures, there’s no limit to what Clog can take interest and inspiration from.


Photo taken from ClogTwo’s Behance https://www.behance.net/clogtwo


And it is exactly this open-mindedness and diversity that makes Clog the artist that he is now. For his latest project in collaboration with Uber Eats and Untitled Projects, Uber Eats Food Village, Clog marries two different aspects of art, traditional art in the form of graffiti with digital art to bring new life to the former, older, “dying” art form. Clog was excited to work on this project as it had always been his dream after 13 years of doing Graffiti to create a movement and push the frontiers of art as many artists have done before.


“This has always been how art has progressed,” Clog says. “Throughout the history of art, there have been movements—going out of the norm in order to progress. From Graffiti in the ’80s to what Millenials now call ‘street art’.”


Finally, Clog has this to say for anyone getting into or is already in the arts: “Knowing what you want to do is the best. But, be ready for everything. Be ready to adapt. In order to progress, be open-minded and willing to take and try everything. Be versatile.”


Untitled Projects also gave their take on this: “Do what you love: If you love drawing, keep drawing. Do what you can and never stop doing. Make good mistakes and when you fail, fail forward so that you are always progressing.”


On the point about trying everything, Clog mentions that on top of spray-painting walls as he had expected himself to be doing when he got into the Graffiti business, he also managed to take a crack at playing around with 360° cameras, 4D Cinemas and new media. As he mentions, the world is constantly progressing and so, when new opportunities arise, make sure you seize them. Better to equip yourself than get left behind, you know?


Clog is still creating art genuinely out of his passion. To him, when he creates art and finds the “wow” factor that leaves an impression on people and gets them to start talking, that’s when he finds success as an artist. Does it get more real than that?


Check out all of Clog’s works on his Instagram, Behance and also The Ink&Clog Website!

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