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Christina Perri | Nothing Like The Record

Don’t get the wrong idea though; the title was meant to be a compliment. But as Christina Perri entered the stage at the Kallang Theatre on 8 June with her band members to thunderous shouts and screams, fans were probably expecting to hear the sad, soulful tone that was ever-present in the songs of the American singer-songwriter.

A pleasant surprise was what they received, as Christina proved that she could pack a stronger vocal punch than most expected. Breaking away from the sweet-girl image, Christina demonstrated her raw vocal prowess and it was evident from the heartfelt applause that Christina had given the fans more than they had expected.

Christina kicked off the hour-long concert with “Bang Bang Bang” from her album “Lovestrong” and included in her set were crowd favourites such as her claim-to-fame classic “Jar Of Hearts” and the million-selling single “A Thousand Years”. Christina also did well to mix up her set with different sounding tracks, with the powerful and haunting tune of “The Lonely” which showcased her wide vocal range, as well as the contrastingly catchy tune of “Mine” that got the crowd and the band jumping and bobbing their shoulders (as per requested by Christina herself).

During the show, Christina often engaged the audience and made them feel connected with her. At the risk of sounding cheesy, Christina emphasised in between songs that she was very thankful to her fans and she would not be where she was without them.

Christina’s musical versatility was not the only pleasant surprise the fans received that night. As an ultimate thank-you gift to them, Christina literally broke the barrier between performer and audience and decided that she had had enough of the barricade at the front of the stage. Upon announcing to the crowd that it has been removed, fans got up and ran to the front of the stage, whipping out camera phones in an attempt to get close-up photos of their new favourite singer.

And while taking in the newer and much closer view of the audience, Christina muttered, “Ah, much better.”

Antics aside, Christina balanced a quality performance with an appealing on-stage persona that instantly attracted everyone who was watching her. In the short span of an hour, she has proven that beneath her sweet looks and captivating story, there is a hidden talent that has yet to be fully unleashed on this world. With an ongoing worldwide tour slated to last till October and an upcoming album in spring next year, we can all be assured that we are looking at the beginnings of a budding star that looks to stay for a long, long time.



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