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Chanel’s Little Black Jacket exhibition


Everyone knows the saying “A picture speaks a thousand words”. That phrase certainly held true at Chanel’s Little Black Jacket exhibition held at the ArtScience Museum. After stopping by 15 major cities in the world including New York, London and Tokyo, they’ve finally reached our little island, Singapore. Opening on 9 November 2013 and running through 1 January 2014 (yes, they’re not sticking around any longer for the new year), the Little Black Jacket exhibition showcases over 100 pictures of celebrities, musicians, models and other personalities donning the famous black tweed jacket.


It was interesting to see how the jacket was versatile enough to fit so many personalities. From the old to the young, each of them carried off the jacket in their own style, be it sporty, classy, or casual. Karl Lagerfeld, head designer and creative director of Chanel, did a splendid job as usual, capturing the charisma of the jacket in all the ways that it was worn. There was also a display of the books encased in a glass box and signed by Karl Lagerfeld.


Every visitor can bring home a complimentary poster of either Keira Knightly, Song Hye Kyo or Kirsten Dunst. I chose Song Hye Kyo’s, poised elegantly in roller skates, shimmery shorts and, of course, the little black jacket. But enough of that; Immerse yourself in these pictures of the iconic Chanel black jacket and (because my pictures don’t do Karl Lagerfeld justice) head over to the ArtScience Museum to see them for yourself!






Text and images by: Arynah Aminuddin

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