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Celebrity Style- The Right and Wrong Way to Dress for Your Body Type

Do you ever think wearing bigger clothes make you look thinner or wearing tighter clothes make you look bigger or vice versa?  Well, many people have a misconception of size when it comes to fashion.  The truth is fashion doesn’t have rules, however there are some guidelines.  Some styles look better with a little more material and some are meant to be tight.  Celebrities seem to make that mistake often and considering most of them work with a stylist, it’s rather frustrating.  However, celebrities are still most people’s reference to fashion and there are some celebs that always look stunning.

Another mistake many women make is after losing weight; instead of ditching the old wardrobe, they continue to wear the baggy clothes. This week, we attended an event hosted by the Gay and Lesbian Center ‘An Evening Honoring Rachel Zoe, Benefitting Homeless Youth’.

Many Celebrities came out to the event to show support.  Two examples that I want to share with you regarding losing weight and dressing accordingly is Sara Rue and Kelly Osbourne.  Both lost a great deal of weight and both came out to this event, who do you think wore the right dress for their size?

Sara Rue’s outfit is a few sizes too big!  She has a great figure and she should flaunt it.  However, Kelly Osbourne’s dress shows off her newly thin figure.  If Kelly didn’t wear the belt she could have had a similar situation.  It goes to show you that a small accessory could make or break the outfit.  Despite the gray hair, Kelly looks great!


The trick to fashion is having confidence and trusting that going up or down a size or adding certain accessories could take you from being the worst dressed to the best dressed!  “And remember, don’t let the gossip wear your couture.”

– Leigh J Merrill





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