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Bobby Tonelli

For those of you who attended ActuallyMAG’s So Creative Talk recently, you’ll know that HTC was a kind sponsor of that event. What we’d like to know now is the kind of lifestyle HTC encourages with their inspirational gadgets that are, frankly, more companions that just gadgets.

Some say their spirit animal is some kind of canine for their many talents and amicable nature. We’ll do you one better. Our spirit animal is Bobby Tonelli. The man is not just talented; he’s hardworking, positive and handsome too.

Read on to see if you agree with us. We ask Bobby about his lifestyle, travel hotspots, inspirations and also his love for Tech and HTC.


Hi there! How’s your day treating you?

Bobby: Not too bad. Didn’t really get caught in the rain so that’s good! Haha, but today I have been finalizing what I’m wearing for the Singapore Radio Award Show that’s being televised live on Channel 5 Friday. 


Could you describe what a typical day for you is like?

B: The only standards in my typical day are the Gym and Radio and every other day Mandarin lessons. In between there could be filming, meetings, hosting an event etc.  Being busy is what I have been working towards so in my books it’s all good!


Aside from acting and hosting, what are some of your hobbies and interests that make up your lifestyle?

B: Tech is a big hobby of mine. I love reading tech news and reviewing tech products.  I also enjoy boxing, or Krav Maga (self defense-Close quarter combat) if I get the time to do them.  Golf as well. There is something very relaxing going to the driving range and just hitting a ball a hundred times.  


What are some of your favourite travel destinations and why?

B: Funny you asked this, I just returned from Paris and really enjoyed being there.  I’m a fan of Europe in general because I like history, and the Europeans preserve that and build around it with the modern amenities. If you want specifics I also like Italy, Vancouver and of course home which is Las Vegas, but that is more due to family than the town.  I was born and raised there so to me I have experienced most of what it offers.   


We know that you’ve had quite a journey in your career, from athletics to acting. How did you overcome challenges and disappointments? In short, what keeps you going?

B: Thanks. Yeah I guess looking back I have had a journey 🙂 Playing sports most of my childhood and early adult years taught me many things like discipline, team work, practicing and modesty.  I think all of these lessons have helped me overcome disappointments that I have had in my personal and professional life.  What keeps me going is the drive to be better.  I don’t like the term, “That’s good enough”. I believe in putting your best foot forward and pushing yourself to improve.  Yes sometimes it doesn’t work or you don’t see the benefits right away, but that’s life.  When you do it’s the greatest feeling 🙂 


I hear you’re also a painter. How do you nuture your different talents with your current lifestyle?

B: I wouldn’t call myself a painter but I have painted.   I guess you find a time and place for them.  Sometimes they merge into one.  When I worked in advertising, I did not like how the ads were being designed by our outsourced art department, so I learned Photoshop and Illustrator to make better ads. When I was casted in the feature film Cages, the character I played was an artist so I learned how to paint a specific style to showcase to help with the overall character development. 


What inspires your art?

B: People, Places, emotions.  I haven’t been inspired for some time, but I think I’m due to get in front of a canvas soon. Starting to have an itch to do it again 🙂


How do you incorporate the HTC into your current lifestyle? How do it’s features enhance your work life and how does it inspire you?

B: Without phones we can’t get a lot of things done so that’s one way 🙂 My life is so digitally based now, with emails, calendar appointments, music, movies, researching news for radio, etc. I need a device that can handle all that.  What HTC does with Sense for example, is great for me because I hate having to download app after app to get something done I need done now. Sense comes with the essentials built in so that simplifies my phone and time spent on it.   

In terms of how it inspires me? Hmm… I think tech as a whole does that.  Tech companies like HTC are never complacent.  They are always trying to improve the build quality of their phones and user experience.  If you just look at the fundamentals of that, then that is a lesson we can all learn from. 


Of your extensive repertoire, what would you say is your best work?

B: My best work is still ahead.  I have a lot more to learn and do 🙂


Thanks for doing the interview with us, Bobby! We shan’t keep you from your work. Ride on, spirit animal!



Bobby Tonelli

FLY Entertainment Artiste, HTC Ambassador


Photo Courtesy of FLY Entertainment

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