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Blueprint 2011 | New Waves in Singapore

To say that there was a new, more purposeful generation of designers at last Saturday’s Blueprint Tradeshow at Marina Bay Sands would be the understatement of the year. Not only did the brands showcase a myriad of different ideas and fresh creations, the Star Creation 2010/2011 home winners prove that home-grown talent is not something to be overlooked.


A duo of young designers – Kenny Lim and Andrew Loh – who aim to create wearable art in almost exclusively black and white for both men and women. Q: “Why did you get depressed?” A: “Because we spent almost 15 years working in various advertising companies without having our creative outlet.” Q: “And now are you still depressed?” A: “Not anymore!” Looks like they can put their moodiness behind them and look forward to a bright future. Check them out @ www.depression.com.sg.

Birth Defects for Women by Depression

A brand concept where androgyny meets soft geometry with a basis of extremely simple ideas, which is well summarised in the brand slogan, “maximising on minimalist ideas”. With a penchant for austere moods and inspirations, the cuts are playful while attention to detail, especially focused on tailoring, are utilised to build an avant-garde silhouette. A testament to the age old saying, “less is more”. Check him out @ www.max-tan.com.

Women's 2011 by Max Tan

An elegant, sophisticated yet cutting edge collection where inspiration is taken from art, architecture, paintings and nature. Sophielle offers classy and unique options for the young and trendy woman who seeks to find her identity. All of Sophielle’s pieces are produced with only the best quality natural fabrics such as 100% silk and 100% cotton. Check them out @ www.sophielle.com.

Sophielle's Booth at Blueprint 2011

Created by designer Lu Yilin, Yumumu offers a refreshing interpretation of modernity with intricate construction and fluid lines. The two different collections seem to be designed by two different creative minds. The “East Asia Misfits” collection is almost entirely black, white and grey, and is reminiscent of the work of Bauhaus German design school in 1930. The “New Pastiches” collection, however is a triumph of colours and happiness. Check her out @ www.yumumu.com.

Women's 2011 by Yumumu

Gilda Su explores all kinds of psychedelic culture with a kaleidoscope of colours, textures and prints. Revasseur – meaning daydreamer in French – showcases her strong foundation in pattern-making and sewing as a way to express her deep passion for avant-garde. Absolutely whimsical, fun and enjoyable! Check them out @ revasseur.com/website.

Women's 2011 by Revasseur

Mae Pang
An experimental collection in shapes with fluorescent colours and polyethylene details combined with natural fabrics. The Mae Pang girl is street-smart and modern; a true individual who cares enough to shop at a speciality concept store (as Colette, for istance). Her slogan? “Re-imagining (and might we add, reinventing) design, art and fashion”. Check her out @ www.mae-pang.com.

Women's 2011 by Mae Pang

The name of the brand takes its inspiration from a London based madhouse, St. Mary of Bethlehem, founded on 12th Century. Bedlam (for men) and Bedlamite (for women) create a lunatic and freaky assortment of clothes “for insane human” only, and consists of 95% black. Dreadful, bloodcurdling but extremely well done. Check them out @ www.forinsanehuman.com.

Bedlam/Bedlamite 2011

Young & Restless
By designer Ashburn Eng who imagines a “Girl Power” collection for a sophisticated, but not aggressive, self confident woman. His booth was one of the most admired at the Blueprint Tradeshow, thanks to his beautifully dressed possé, who were the best testimonials  for the brand. Check him out @ www.young-and-restless.com.

Young and Restless 2011


Audrey Lim, 20, Singapore – Winner of 2010 edition
Her 16-piece capsule collection, “Amalgamation”, was shown at Orchard’s tent and integrated details that gave a feminine silhouette to menswear. The collection featured pieces that can be worn in different ways to achieve different looks. She drew her inspiration from Japanese handicraft for some of the outfits’ details, playing with three-dimensional effects.

Audrey Lim, Star Creation winner 2010, walks the runway with her collection 'Amalgamation'

Tsai Ming Hung, 28, Singapore – Winner of 2011 edition
Ming Hun who graduated from the University of Northumbria and named his first collection “Internationally Asian”, as an attempt to infuse modern menswear with ancient Asian design philosophies, incorporating Asia’s rich cultural legacy in a wearable way. Boundaries are broken as East and West combine to create something completely unique. We’re looking forward to seeing his capsule collection next year.

Tsai Ming Hung receiving the Star Creation Prize for 2011

To wrap up, we’ve seen endless creativity and innovation. Who say’s Singapore’s void of talent. Judging by the current fashion scene alone, Singapore’s got way more to it than meets the eye.

– Gabriele Gattozzi

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