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Blue Beetle Design | Lawrence

After speaking to Keng Leong, it’s time to shift our attention to the other half of Blue Beetle Design a design company with their eyes trained on creativity all day, everyday. Their designs are both fun and poignant, with a lot of focus on the heart of the pieces.

ActuallyMAG speaks to Lawrence to find out more about his life, art and inspirations.


Hey Lawrence! Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am one of the design directors of Blue Beetle Design.


A day in your life, what occurs?

A typical day would be like this: gym in the morning followed by breakfast. A healthy one consists of multigrain bread with avocado and a sinful consists of nasi lemak (the one wrap in banana leaf, shiok!). Then it’s back to the office, check emails, facebook and some other favourite sites. Then I’ll start cracking on ideas for projects. Lunch followed with a cup of  my favourite coffee shop coffee, back to design and occasionally checking ebay (lots of stuffs to buy!). Tea break, more design. Home for dinner and then I’ll continue with my ipad game, ‘we rule quest’ that has got me really hooked!


Describe your humble abode.

A four room flat up north. Nothing really fanciful, all white with simple decor. I own a couple of classic designer furniture pieces which I’m really proud of. A red Charles & Ray Eames LCW lounge wood chair 1945, really comfortable. A Sori Yanagi butterfly stool 1956, a pair of e15 european oak stools Backenzahntm1996. The rest of the house is filled with things that I love.


What do you do in your free time?

Nothing much. Window shopping and have a nice cup of coffee shop coffee (double shiok!) flipping through my favourite magazine, ELLE decoration UK edition. Out with my two adorable nieces, Calista & Cheryln. Checking out new stuff or more freitag bags at one of my favourite shops, none other than Actually…and also ActuallyActually. By the way Paul, will there be a third ActuallyActuallyActually?


Recommend us some cool haunts in Singapore.

I used to go around looking for shops that sell vintage or old stuff. Junkie’s Corner at 94 Jalan Senang has lots of vintage stuffs ranging from retro furniture to all kind of ornaments and used items. You really have to go through piles of old stuff to find your treasures. There is a saying, ‘one man’s junk is another man’s treasure’. Happy hunting!


Tell us something about yourself that no one knows.

Oh… Do I really have to say this? Well, I am really afraid of cockroaches! Especially the flying ones! Now you know my secret.


How do you define yourself as and designer?

I am really passionate about design and I am constantly thinking of design ideas.


What inspires your works?

All the things that are around me. It could be grafitti on the wall or some old magazines or books or things that I see when I am travelling.


How much time or percentage of your time you indulge in doing creative things?

It’s difficult to state how much time or percentage cause my mind is always wandering off into design and design related stuff and sometimes ideas will pop out in the middle of my sleep…

I would say for now, it should be the ‘pray for japan’ project. The design ideas came from within our hearts and it is for a good cause to raise funds for the earthquake victims of Japan.


Is there any designer/artist you relate to?

David Carson, Non-format, Yoshitomo Nara, Rei Kawakubo, Maison Martin Margiela, Naoto Fukasawa, Masamichi Katayama…


What’s the best and worst thing about being an artist?

The best thing is that I am doing something that I really like and enjoy and very passionate about! And there is no worst thing about being a designer.


Tell us more about the bags you designed to raise funds for Japan, what inspired you to do them.

Always loved Japan and the first trip to Japan was absolutely fantastic! Totally enjoy Japan! The country, the people, their service and things that are made in Japan! When the big earthquake hit Japan in march, a huge damage was done, and I felt really sad to see a beautiful country being disfigured by the monster disaster. Keng Leong and myself actually designed two logos and posted them on facebook to express our feeling for Japan, we had lots of great feedback from friends and it kind of give us the idea of doing something within our mean to raise funds for the earthquake victims, hence we printed 100 limited edition tote bags and buttons with these two logos. They were instant hits and lots of friends and clients have supported this small project. We sold all 100 bags and 100 buttons within a few days and had raised almost four thousand dollars for the red cross society for Japan earthquake victims. We were really happy that we are able to do something to help Japan.

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