Shoe Maniac Season: Bohonomad

Shoe Maniac Season: Bohonomad

Shoe Maniac Season: Part 1; Bohonomad

This month we have brought in 2 new shoe sandals brands, Shaka footwear & Bohonomad. & to begin the Shoe Maniac Season, we will be doing a 4 part series of the shoes we carry here in Actually, starting with Bohonomad.

Bohonomad is a sandal brand heavily influenced by the beach/resort theme. The concept first came about from a popular tourist destination in Turkey. The rope sandal was created around the idea that it had to be versatile, convenient, and travel-friendly.

Made from Turkey, Bohonomad rope sandals are 100% hand-made and is vegan, with an eco-friendly and sustainable production approach. Moreover, Bohonomad values the importance of employment ethics to ensure safe and good working condition and environment for their workers.

Bohonomad takes social responsibility in their brand and with their products too. To shop the collection, click here.

Now available online & in-stores.



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