Actually’s 14th Anniversary & F704 Cake Bag Launch

Actually’s 14th Anniversary & F704 Cake Bag Launch

Neither a cake nor a bag, it’s a celebration!

In case you missed it, Actually store, one of the longest operating home-grown, multi-label concept stores in Singapore has celebrated its 14th birthday at its current humble abode at orchardgateway on 2nd November 2019.

Actually collaborated with Freitag, our favourite Swiss brand who stoked the upcycling craze, for this special occasion to produce 400 pieces of limited edition bags called F704 Cake Bag. The Cake Bag is known for its rarity and special features. The much-loved shopping tote has only been launched at selected stores worldwide such as Societe Anonime Italy, Urban Research Japan, just to name a few. After a blue moon the bag has finally landed in the hands of ever loyal Freitag fans in Singapore and South East Asia again.


The much-awaited bag launch dazed us as many fans from Thailand flew all the way to Singapore to get a chance to own the bag. Many of them started queuing from as early as 3 a.m. to be among the first to catch the most out of ordinary ones.

|Alongside the bag launch, there were few activities planned for everyone such as Freitag’s most-liked “Make A F-ake” booth right outside Actually’s store where customers could customise their very own keychain. Of course, we did not forget the tradition of serving ice cold beers to everyone while they nibbled on our favourite snacks, kacang putih.

Last but not the least, the event was planned to pay recognition and appreciation to those who have been with us for the past fourteen years, some of Singapore’s first Freitag enthusiasts were spotted at the event and made sure the day wass extra special to them, we made a huge photomontage of our customers from fourteen years ago and encouraged them to look for their old photographs and if they could, a Freitag gift of your choice will be bestowed.

After an infinite planning, the event was definitely two-thumbs up!  All 400 Cake Bags were sold out within 4-hours and we would like to thank every single one who attended, especially those who took time and effort to fly down to Singapore and of course, our beloved VIPs who were also the early birds that day and always present to many of our events, thank you! Till our next one!

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