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Asia Style Collection 2013 by styleXstyle


Fashionably Late, but Better Late Than Never
The Local Fashion Scene Takes a Huge Step Forward in the form of Asia Style Collection 2013 by styleXstyle


L-R Rola, Kozue Akimoto, Lena Fuji, Tsubasa Masuwaka, Mikiko Yano


Singaporeans have always been known to take an interest in fashion, despite being the small city state that we are. Whether it is due to the colourful racial mix the country enjoys, or the fact that we are so influenced by fashion from all around the world, especially in Asia; it is undeniable that the majority of us show a certain amount of attention towards what we wear and how we portray ourselves to others.

Singapore may not be one of the fashion capitals of the world, but our enthusiasm towards fashion has finally paid, as Mediacorp’s very own fashion portal, styleXstyle (pronounced “style-by-style”, not “style-ex-style) brought Asia Style Collection to Singapore for the very first time. A vibrant combination and display of Asian pop culture, music and fashion, Asia Style Collection 2013 is the audial and visual dream come true for all who love the glitz and glamour that fashion and pop offers.




A Mega Fashion Extravaganza

The inaugural fashion show kicked off the first of its series with a bang, bringing the world-famous Tokyo Girls Collection, featuring the denim-based “Azul by Moussy”, the adorably funky “Kikka the Diary Of”, the classic and chic “Olive des Olive”, and the cool-and-cute “Murua”. Accompanying the indelible Japanese fashion brands is the K-Pop Collection, with its delightful and versatile brands like the bright and sunny “Jade”, the glamourous “The Dint” and “Tom and Rabbit”, as well as the cutely bizarre “Qnigirls”.

Both Japan and Korea dazzled with their individual styles, but not to be forgotten are the contributors to the growing local fashion scene. Our very own mix from Singapore included the likes of the rebellious, non-conforming “Depression”, the excitingly reckless (pardon the reference) “Reckless Ericka”, the Asian-inspired “Ong Shunmugam”, and “Zenchi” with its beautiful and elegant dresses.




Eclectic Mix of Guests Sparkle on Stage

Further lighting up the stage were guest models from Japan, bringing in their own take of fashion. Lena Fujii, known for her appearances in ViVi magazine, strutted down the catwalk in “Murua”, while Eurasian supermodel Rola and “Shibuhara Girls” star Akimoto Kozue showed off “Kikka the Diary Of”. Mikiko Yano looked right at home on the runway as well, while Tsubasa Masuwaka, founder of make-up brand “Candy Doll”, drew a healthy share of “oohs” and “ahhs” with her unbelievably cute “Olive des Olive” outfit (a fan even commented that ‘there’s no way she can be human; they don’t come as cute as this’).

Fans were not just treated to a visual spectacle, as artistes from Japan and Korea also came down to Singapore to provide as much delight for the ears as the fashion show did for the eyes. Japanese acts such as Kuraki Mai, AKB48, SNH48, AI, and Thelma Aoyama entertained the audience with their mix of pop and R&B songs, while Korea’s 2NE1 (in their spunky Givenchy outfits) and Girls’ Generation got the crowd going with their own Kpop hits like “Fire” (2NE1) and “Hoot” (Girls’ Generation).

Rounding off the show were the local talents, sporting designs from Singapore’s own brands. Stars like Vivian Lai, Zoe Tay, Tay Ping Hui, Paige Chua, and Yvonne Lim took to the runway, for the first time collectively, to loud cheers from the audience.


Zoe Tay


As Singapore stamps her name in the world of fashion, we can definitely stay excited for more new things to come our way. Who knows, maybe “Project Runway: Singapore” or even our very own “Singapore Girls Collection” in the near future?




Text by: Bjorn Teo
Images by: Dennis Wang



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