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Art From Junk



Presenting Art from Junk, a humble home-based studio in Bukit Merah area dedicated to transforming recycled and vintage furniture into timeless room pieces that are hand-painted in colourful and retro inspired designs. Each piece of furniture is one-of-a-kind with a unique design of Singapore or South-east Asian origins, created specifically for the piece.

Just 3 days away from showcasing their furniture at Affordable Art Fair, we chatted with one of the artists from Art From Junk, Jing Yi.



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Hi Jing Yi! So tell me, how did Art From Junk started?

I started art from junk because I love the feeling of actually creating something new from something old. I enjoy drawing and painting, and I haunt vintage and secondhand shops or flea markets on a regular basis, so it was kind of a natural transition to restoring and painting vintage or secondhand furniture pieces. I want art from junk to be about the whimsical, the nostalgic, the creative and the fun sides of people and I believe these can be expressed through the everyday things we have around us.



You mentioned that each artwork is individually hand-painted and stenciled. How much time did it take to complete 1 artwork?

Depending on the size of the piece and the complexity of the design, it can take anytime from 3 to 10 days to restore and paint the piece, execute the artwork and finish the piece. This doesn’t include time for sourcing the pieces and photographing them, so the whole process is actually quite labour intensive!



Vintage furniture is particularly hard to find, especially on our tiny island. Where are the recycled and secondhand furniture sourced from?

There are quite a number of secondhand and vintage dealers on our little island and I source most of our pieces from them. One of my favourites is Hock Siong. I look out for pieces which are well made and those with unusual design features.



Are your beautiful work of art for sale? I am sure there are people who would be thrilled to own a piece of Art From Junk furniture.

Yes, they are for sale! Pictures of all our pieces are available at our website at http://www.artfromjunk.com. Clients may contact us for viewing of the pieces at our home studio. We do also have some pieces showing at Nu Artists Gallery and these pieces may be viewed and purchased at Nu Artists Gallery. We also offer a customization service for clients who are interested in giving any of their existing pieces a makeover.



Do you plan to move on to another form of “Junk”, other than furniture?

Yes, I’m actually working on some smaller projects at the moment – a vintage desk lamp and a carved mirror.



Any upcoming projects coming your way?

Several of our pieces will be showing at the Affordable Art Fair in November this year, and we’re excited to be working on this collaboration. Also, we are of course always producing new pieces and update our website and Facebook page regularly with new items.




Text & Interview by: Erin Riduan
*Images courtesy of Art From Junk



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