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"Anti Pioneer" | New Music Video by Feist

Still from Feist’s monochrome music video


Canadian singer-songwriter Leslie Feist returns with a black-and-white music video for “Anti-Pioneer”, a track from her latest studio album, Metals. Directed by Martin de Thurah, the singer swirls and twirls alone in a room with flashing lights while crooning her sombre number.


The “Anti-Pioneer” video was shot in an old building in Mexico City during a two-hour break from the filming of Feist’s “The Bad in Each Other”. With such a rare window of opportunity, Danish director de Thurah wanted to make something “very simple, complex and emotional” with Feist alone.
“I found the song very intimate, and wanted the video to reflect that.”


In intimate and almost-reverent close-ups, Feist enacts the song’s brooding and searching moments.
“And for a year she was anti-pioneer/ Singing sappy songs/ About what went wrong.”
It’s hard not to infer those lines as autobiographical. Her latest album sounds like a deliberate attempt to eschew the mainstream audience with the lack of instant appeal like her crowd pleaser hit “1234”.


As Feist intones reflectively, “When the flag changes colours/ The language knows”, it is a subtle statement that signals her departure from the days of providing trendy TV jingles.










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