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Purrealism: Eat.Paint.Love

Painter, Michelle Chang has been evolving her self-taught style of “naïve art” since 2002. Using a variation of the technique pointillism, she creates lush landscapes that are inviting, humourous and reflective of her state of mind. In her up-coming exhibition, she draws her ideas and inspiration from building facades in Switzerland, Paris, Vienna, Venice and Amsterdam. She particularly admires the architecture in Vienna, designed by Hunterwasser, a Viennese architect and artist. Purrealism: Eat.Paint.Love marks a decade of exhibitions.

Tell us about your exhibition.

Purrealism: Eat.Paint.Love.is my most personal collection yet. It is dedicated to my loved ones and people who meant something to me at one point or another.

There are common threads in your work – animals (especially cats), nature and architecture. Why cats and other furry friends?

I love them. I create this world where the animals rule and roam freely. But mostly, my paintings are about the adventures of Halo (Ginger cat) and Angel (Russian Blue). I suppose I can relate to cats. Their carefree spirit and independence is very appealing to me.

You’ve been painting for 10 years. What has been the most challenging and rewarding thus far?

The most rewarding has to be when my paintings mean something special to someone. Expression as an art form has always been a draw for me; to “speak” to someone through art without the benefit of words has got to be the most challenging. What’s even more fulfilling is when I manage to put a smile on someone’s face with my art.

What advice would you give young artist starting out without formal art training?

Copy a work of art you like. Anything. It can be a picture on a postcard or a famous art work. Just copy and don’t be apologetic about it as it allows you to concentrate on your strokes so that you don’t have to worry about composition. One day, you will discover your own individuality and style and then you will start to create your own. Finally, paint from your heart. Paint what you like.

It’s hard to choose but do you have a favourite piece of art work?

Yes I love Van Gogh’s Starry night. It’s simply magical. It reminds me of Paris, my favourite city. The movement in the sky is breathtaking.

If you could meet any artist dead or alive, who would it be and why?

I would want to meet Georges Seurat because pointillism started it all for me. I am deeply inspired by his technique and would want to witness him employing that technique.

Exhibition details:
Purrealism: Eat . Paint. Love
Solo Exhibition by Michelle Chang
Blue Lotus Fine Art
108 Tanjong Pagar Road, #02-01,m Singapore
Exhibition dates: 16-25 March 2012
Website: http://www.purrealism.com


– Yuni Hadi

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