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An Interview with Kenny Leung and Sunny Chiu

Tell us a bit about yourselves.

I’m 25 years old and I live in Guangzhou, China. My friend Sunny Chiu, 27 and I are both designers at Hong Kong Feng Da Industrial in Guangzhou.


Take us through a typical day in your lives.

We work from Monday to Friday, and usually meet our family and friends for dinner after which we will return home to rest. On weekends, we usually work on our designs, go for exhibitions or to the cinemas or we will have outings with our family.


What do you do in your free time?

During our free time, we like to do designing, visit museums and exhibitions, go to the movies and travel.


Recommend us some cool haunts in your city.

Sha Mian Island, Bei Jing Road, Lin Yuan Xi Road, Tian He Road, Yan Jiang Road, Lao Xi Guan


How would you define yourselves as designers?

We  want to create a better and more beautiful world.


What inspires your work?

There’s always a stagnant moment in every job. Whenever we are faced with an obstacle, we like to go for short trips, sometimes have good desserts or even just meet up with friends for a chat.


How much time do the two of you devote in working on your creative stuff?

Every moment of our lives are dedicated to designing and making new creations.


Which of your designs are your favorites, and why?

Our best and favourite pieces will always be our next creation


Is there a designer/artist that you two could relate to?

Yayoi Kusama and Alexander McQueen



What’s the best and worst thing about being an artist?

Being contemporary/modern designers, we take pride in making our country proud. The world economy is stepping into the globalization state and fashion makes no exception. On the worldly context, China plays an important role in the world’s economy, and fashion is increasingly influenced and infused with Chinese associated elements. Many designers have been exploring and experimenting continuously with various Chinese elements such as silk, qipao and porcelain china designs, Chinese knot, traditional Chinese paintings and more. To Chinese designers, it’s essential to build up a brand name and an image, and considering both self-awareness and the rich Chinese culture and heritage as contributing factors.



– Adrina Lee and Lim Suqin 

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