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Album Review | Passion Pit – Gossamer


Artist: Passion Pit
Album: Gossamer
Passion Pit’s clap-happy electropop has received due acclaim from critics and fans since their psychedelic track Sleepyhead first floated over the airwaves. Their much anticipated second studio album, Gossamer, opens with a sprawling sound, making all fans (I’m sure) sit back and soak up the striking melody and familiar vocals of lead singer Michael Angelakos.
Their trademark sound, intricate as it is, is based on a rather simple formula – a catchy melody with nostalgic 70s/80s nuances, irresistible synths, lyrical brilliance and pitch-perfect choral accompaniment. The band is fond of layering the angelic voices of a choir with Angelakos’ lilting tenor – they had previously engaged the PS22 Choir for some tracks on ‘Manner’s, and the same melodic choral sparkles in ‘Constant Conversations’, one of my favourites on Gossamer. Mirrored Sea incorporates Angelakos’ voice in robotic synth with a heavy drum and synth bass beat that is sure to elicit a severely tapping foot. Two Veils to Hide My Face is a lovely 33 second acapella that drizzles into the dazzling aural sunshine of the next track, Love is Greed.
In fact, the whole album is drenched in an infectious elation that is explained away in the lyrics of Hideaway – “Feeling happiness is life, as we play off all the lines / Oh, as we play into its lines, oh honey”, and the title of the second-last track, It’s Not My Fault, I’m Happy. Oh we don’t blame you at all, Passion Pit. Being a puddled mush of happiness is nice sometimes. Keep making us happy!


Kelly Koo


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