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Album Review | Beach House – Bloom

Artist: Beach House
Album: Bloom

Beach House’s ethereal tunes are the soundtrack to my halcyon dreams. More specifically, the ones where I feel like I’m floating and disoriented, but strangely enough, in touch with my inner self – fragments of the past and present melding together in a watercolour pastiche. I had doubts about the dream-pop duo outdoing their stellar last album, Teen Dream, but I’ve clearly been proven wrong. In fact, their latest venture, Bloom, is my favourite thus far.

From the melodic drum and gong overture of Myth to the closing notes of the last hidden track Wherever You Go, I feel myself completely submerged in the perfect harmonium of Victoria Legrand’s lulling voice, Alex Scally’s accompaniment and the dulcet instrumentals consisting of bass, guitar, keyboards, organ and piano. There is a kind of texture and quality to their music that is so pleasing to the ears, and each track sways you to the next, never ending abruptly. Legrand’s poetic prowess shines through in its apt simplicity – the repetitive “like no other you can’t be replaced” in Lazuli, “the heart is full and now it’s spilling” in On The Sea, and “what comes after this momentary bliss” in Myth strikes a note, I’m sure, with most of us. Their songs speak of memory, promise, want and ache. In fact, there is a double entendre in the album title Bloom – it is both beauty and flaw, and the album encapsulates this irony of life perfectly. It’s a strange paradise, indeed.



– Kelly Koo



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