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A Whimsical Party | Hui Chien

Here’s what August has been like with the Actually… group: whimsical for one, hence the theme of the month. Energetic, because we’re always moving forward and dynamic in an understated sort of way. Just look at how the theme change on our rag gives it a whole different ambience! Have we mentioned how much we love it? (Hint: a lot).


To go with the whimsical madness around the stores and office, we’ve invited two artists to festoon our shops with their gorgeous, capricious art. Our windows now look out onto the streets with a surplus of new come-hither type emotions. Come in, they beckon. Look at how whimsical and fun we are! And we’re not just saying that.


To start off, we spoke to Hui Chien, a local artist who has set up installations on the upper deck of Actually at Seah Street. Her art flows with both intricacies and blooming vague colours that tell stories. We asked about her inspirations, her opinion on the local art scene and more!


Hello! How is your day going?

Hello Jolin and everyone here at ActuallyMAG! My day has been filled with adrenalin rush while rollerblading down slope on a really steep road with oncoming traffic.


Sounds like fun! How did you get started with arts and design?

I started off with a mass communication diploma in polytechnic and while deciding which path to go after graduating, I chanced upon the Art, Design and Media course offered by NTU. Back then, I just knew I had to take this course.


What are your biggest inspirations?

My inspirations come from different places; my experiences in life, folklore, patterns, interiors etc. I like weaving stories and forming narratives; translating a metaphor of the world through my perspective, feelings, thoughts and imagination. I am intrigued in trying to see and make sense of the world a little differently, and to observe mystery in mundane things that no one else does.


What do you think of the arts scene in Singapore these days?

I wouldn’t describe the Art scene in Singapore as “vibrant”. Things are definitely picking up and improving with more support from the government offering grants, promoting the arts scene, SOTA (School Of The Arts) etc… However, things are still quite contrived and restricted. There is also a lack of enthusiasm amongst local support. The consolation is that I can see many of my peers and people around me trying to make a difference in the scene.


How do you think the Actually… stores help to showcase your work?

Working on this collaboration with Actually… gave me an amazing opportunity to showcase my work to a wider network of audiences and not to mention, the helpful and friendly individuals from Actually made every bit of this happen. Thank you Actually…!


Check out Chien’s work being showcased at Actually this month @ 29A Seah Street.


– Jolin

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