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A Newly Decorated Abandoned Hostel

It may come as a surprise to some but buildings, even here in Singapore, do get abandoned. Some are left to rot awaiting their inevitable demolishment in order to make space for new ones while others are given a new fresh coat of paint. Spray paint, that is.


Seeing as how the buildings are already doomed to be destroyed, artists find this as an opportunity to give these soon-to-be-demolished buildings a new look as a form of practice and a chance to experiment and try new techniques. One such artist is Walgdp, or Dhanendra Poedjono, along with his band of white space bandits, who we recently featured on our website here.


This was to be the fate of an abandoned Katong Student’s Hostel at 369 Tanjong Katong Road.


As any would expect from any abandoned buildings, the place gave some creepy vibes. Empty rooms littered the compound and glaring bursts of sunlight leaked through every window and crevice. Most of the windows were left open and the place was completely devoid of any living souls, save for the tiny classroom occupied by the group of doodlers, of course.


Dhan(@Walgdp.co), Farid(@Freeddraws), Nat(@Cloudhedd) and Keith(@Spazak) had been present on-site since noon to test out their newly acquired spray-cans from utama.co and even make a Halloween-themed graffiti along the way. They had only been done half-way through with their pieces and so this was a great opportunity to recce the place.


Though the buildings were dull and run-down, the walls were vibrant with uncountable pieces of graffiti freshly coated with aerosol. A lot of the art pieces were modern pop culture references and all of them were very loudly staring at you in your face contrasting the otherwise very undisturbed and calm atmosphere of the area.


This provided a medium for this group of artists to work on something they had recently found an interest in—graffiti art. It’s not a practice that is conventional in Singapore considering the very stern laws regarding vandalism and the like but, a proper workman knows to strike when the iron’s hot. And these guys are no ordinary workmen(and workwoman).


ActuallyMAG would like to extend a huge thank you to Dhan, Farid, Nat and Keith to have given us this opportunity and allowing our readers to see the newly-coated building before it is eventually destroyed later in December.


Do make sure to keep a lookout for places such as this as you never know when they will just be an empty plot of land.


Also, do check out the artists’ social media links here in order to see the completed pieces:

Dhan: https://www.instagram.com/walgdp.co/

Farid: https://www.instagram.com/freeddraws/

Nat: https://www.instagram.com/cloudhedd/

Keith: https://www.instagram.com/spazak/


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